Cloud Raiders: Sky Conquest: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Cloud Raiders

There’s a nice collection of pretty cool action strategy mobile games available on the market right now. One of those games is Game Insight’s Cloud Raiders: Sky Conquest, an action-fueled title that focuses on floating islands and fast-paced raids.

Your duties in this game will entail building up a powerful clan of air raiders, facing off with tough legendary bosses, collecting valuable loot and so much more. You might want to check out these tips straight from Game Insight’s Chief Experience Officer Anatoly Ropotov and us before you take to the skies.

Here’s the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to adopt while you master Cloud Raiders: Sky Conquest!

1. Keep Your Troops Close to Your Bunker, Train Them and Keep a Nice Variety of Them on Deck

Cloud Raiders Tips

• Keep your bunkers stocked with troops for maximum defense potential.

• Always make sure the troops you choose to put on the battlefield are as varied as they come. A wise variety of troops means several offensive and defensive situations that you’ll encounter can be handled without too much of a problem.

• Make sure you always train more than one set of troops at the very same time.

• The more you level up, the more troops you’ll get to add to your roster.

2. Target Pirate Rafts for Great Goodies

Cloud Raiders Cheats

• Pirate rafts are filled with treasures, so make sure you raid their bases regularly.

• Always pay close attention to the enemy types and treasure rewards these rafts house. You’ll be able to adjust you battle tactics accordingly before you start attacking.

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