Cloud Raiders: Sky Conquest: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

3. Add as Many Builders to Your Crew as Possible

Cloud Raiders Tips

• Adding more builders allows you to upgrade and construct more buildings at the same time.

• You can earn even more Gold and Cloud currency by building Drills and Beacons. Your construction efforts will lead to you having more opportunities to farm for more currency and double your earnings. More Gold and Cloud will allow you to pick up more troops and upgrade your buildings.

4. Seek Out Weak Player Opponents, But Make Your Base as Strong as Possible to Keep it Protected

Cloud Raiders Tips Tricks

• Find PvP opponents with weak defenses and target the resource storage’s and production buildings to get loot fast.

• Keeping your defenses intact and stronger against live player raids means you’ll have to buy a Shield every time you stop playing. While you’re away, your shield will help keep your base alive and protected from any attacks.

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