Dragon Friends: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

3. Upgrade Your Hatchery and Breeding Garden Early in the Game

Dragon Friends Cheats

• The breeding garden gives you a space where you can combine your creatures and upgrading it reduces the breeding time required to produce an egg.

• The hatchery is the place to store eggs before they hatch into beautiful dragons and upgrading it will allow you to hatch multiple eggs at the same time

4. Breed the Same Dragons Together for a Better Chance of Getting Higher Ranking Dragons

Dragon Friends Tips Tricks

• Early in the game, you’ll start with many of the same types of dragons, but if you breed two of the same dragon together, there’s a better chance that the egg will be of a higher rank than its parents.

Head to the next page to learn about missing tracks from your Collection Book and the benefits of adding sheep to your animal stable!


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I lost my login and password how can I get back to my island. I had to start a new one to play.


u please give me hack. i really want hack for dragon friends


Hii. Am Sri.
Can u give me hack for dragon friends. Please please


I really enjoy playing Dragon Friends but have been struggling with certain stages. I looked up cheats online and came up with this great site that actually gives free cheats. I highly recommend using castlecheats.com/dragonfriends. Try it out and whiz through the stages!

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