Dragon Friends: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

5. Check to See What You’re Missing in Your Collection Book

Dragon Friends Tips

• The collection book is the best place to learn what dragons and animals you still need to add to your island.

• Not only does it give you a reward for each new creature you add to the collection book, but it also gives you a bonus for collecting all of the dragons or animals of a single type.

6. Sheep are a Great Investment!

Dragon Friends Tips Tricks

• Breed a lot of sheep early in the game for a huge boost in Gold and EXP, and keep your sheep in a pen to increase their Gold production by 30-percent.

• Get your sheep to Level 10 and Magic Chance the animal for a chance of producing a rarer animal.

• Transforming Sheep is a great way to start filling up the animal pages in your Collection Book

Head to the next page to learning about maxing out your dragons and the benefits of magic shows!


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I lost my login and password how can I get back to my island. I had to start a new one to play.


u please give me hack. i really want hack for dragon friends


Hii. Am Sri.
Can u give me hack for dragon friends. Please please


I really enjoy playing Dragon Friends but have been struggling with certain stages. I looked up cheats online and came up with this great site that actually gives free cheats. I highly recommend using castlecheats.com/dragonfriends. Try it out and whiz through the stages!

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