Empire Fleet: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

5. Spend Your 1st Week Doing Nothing But Constant Upgrading

WriterParty.com advised players to take advantage of the 1st seven days of gameplay due to their beginning player protection:

• Spend the first seven days upgrading as quickly as possible, because that’s when you have the beginner protection, and if you haven’t already done this and your protection is gone, then start upgrading anyways to make up for it. The more that you upgrade the command center, the more that you can upgrade your dock, which means you can build better ships, not to mention other functional buildings.

6. The Best Methods Towards Adding More Honor Medals to Your Stash

Empire Fleet Cheats

• Honor Medals are essential towards upgrading your overall skills.

• Getting Honor Medals requires you to successful complete the main campaign missions and completing any daily tasks that hover above the 2-star level rating.

• You’ll have 5 chances to complete any of the daily missions that come your way. It pays to take on the higher star-rated daily missions since you’ll walk away with an even bigger gathering of Honor Medals and Reputation points. If you use up all of your chances, you can also reset them by sacrificing some of your gems.

Head to the next page to get some tips on multiplayer fleet battles and getting the most out of your 1st purchase of gems!

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