Weed Firm: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Weed Firm

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Weed Firm!

1. Use the Infamous Time Trick to Speed Up the Growing Time for Your Plants

Weed Firm Tips

• Growing your plants is a tedious task, but it must get done. You should be extra careful with the amount of water you add to your plants so it doesn’t hit 0-percent on its meter. Once you’re finished adding some water to your plants, you’ll then have to wait until they’re fully grown.

• You can skip the whole waiting part just by pushing the time ahead on your mobile device. Once you head back into the game and get back into the harvesting portion of your activities, your chosen plant should be 100-percent grown.

• Make sure you have a sufficient amount of water so you’ll be able to fully complete the growing process all in one shot. Once you change your time back to normal, you’ll still be in possession of your finished products.

2. Invest in as Many Pots as Possible

Weed Firm Tips Tricks

• You should make sure you spend your in-game cash on a bunch of pots. The more pots you add to your collection, the more plants you’ll be able to grow all at the same time.

• As long as keep a bunch of pots on hand that’s filled with growing plants in progress, the faster the rate will be when it comes to your overall customer sales.

Head to the next page to learn about your clientele and those damned annoying gangsters!

3. Get to Know Your Customers and How Much Cash They’re Willing to Spend on Your “Goods”

Weed Firm Cheats

AppCheaters.com noted that each potential customer of your “goodies” has different attributes when it comes to their purchasing behaviors:

• Naomi – Model: 100% of the time Naomi will decide to buy more after “rolling a joint.”

• Nancy – MILF next door: 100% of the time Nancy from next door will spring on the chance for an up-sell, and she pays more than the average customer.

• Ultimator – Hardcore Partier: 100% of the time Ultimator the all night partier will change his mind and decide to purchase more product. He’s not great at math, so sometimes he’ll greatly overpay.

• Sandy – Cheerleader: 100% of the time Sandy the cheerleader with a bad habit will decide to buy more product after smoking. She doesn’t typically pay as much as your other customers, but she’s certainly reliable.

• Lucy – Nurse: 50% of the time Lucy the nurse will increase her original amount, sometimes doubling or tripling the amount.

• Ian – DJ: 50% of the time Ian will buy a little extra, the other half of the time he runs home because he forgot to turn off his turntables.

• Bob – Rastaman: 25% of the time Bob will decide to buy more, and when he does he typically increases the amount by a lot.

• Mike – Plumber: 25% of the time Mike will take you up on your offer and decide to buy more.

• Lee – Mechanic: 25% of the time Lee will spring for a larger amount after smoking with you, but when he does increase his purchase it’s not by much.

• Jane – Stripper: 10% of the time Jane will opt for a larger amount of product, buy usually only by 1 or 2. Keep in mind, it costs you 1 weed to smoke with a customer, so don’t bother trying to upsell Jane.

• Mary – Artist: 10% of the time Mary will decide to buy an extra weed, making it not worth it to roll with her.

• Ryan – Unemployed: 10% of the time Ryan will change his mind about the amount he wants to buy. However, he’s still your worst customer as he underpays and never purchases a large amount of product.

4. Pay The Gangsters; If You Don’t Want To, Just Invest in a Safe

• Once you get upgraded to level three, you’ll have to contend with the constant threat ff gangsters who come to collect your profits. You should always make sure you have a stash of reliable cash ready to deliver because these guys come at random intervals. If you don’t have a safe, then go ahead and pay these dudes off before you get one. You don’t want these gangsters to beat you down and flush all your progress down the toilet all in one shot.

• If you’re tired of paying off the gangsters, do yourself and favor and get Lee to sell you a safe. The safe can be used to store your goods so that when the gangsters arrive, you can tell ’em to piss off. They can’t steal anything now that you’re goods are safely locked away.

• There’s a whole ‘nother way you can keep those gangsters out of your stash. At level 10, you’ll get the option to cop a shotgun from Mike. Do this and you’ll get to exact some revenge on the gangsters that once threatened you time and time again.

• Lee’s the one who’s going to be selling you the safe you need. When he stops by the 1st time around, he’ll want $10,000 for it. Don’t cave in and purchase it just yet. Wait for him to come around 2nd time and he’ll drop his selling price to $6,000. NOW BUY IT!

Head to the next page to get some tips on how to keep the police officer happy and the boosts that music can give you!

5. Make Sure You Pay to Keep That Cop Off Your Back, Too

Weed Firm iOS

• Local roughnecks aren’t the only ones knocking down your door for some cash. The crooked police officer in this game is just as bad as them.

• When that one officer named Malone stops by and threatens to shut down your entire weed operation, pay him to stop him from doing so. Your safe won’t save you here, so it’s best to keep him happy and off your case with some cold cash.

• There’s a cool little method that you’ll unlock which will ward off the po-po and keep your stash and cash intact. When you hit level 14, you’ll unlock the option to purchase Sandy’s personal panties. Buy them when you get the chance since they’ll come in handy when Malone stops by. When he comes to collect some cash, tell him to leave and he’ll just grab the panties. Who knew Malone was such a perv?

6. Listen to the Punk Rock Track While You’re Selling Your Sticky Icky

Weed Firm

• Once you cop the turntable and a few records, you can listen to music and increase the rate at which you pick up more experience.

• You should play the punk rock track a lot since it lasts a pretty long time. During the time it plays, sell some weed and nab yourself a nice extra helping of EXP.

Head to the next page to get some tips on how to get item discounts and the benefits of completing the lapdance minigame!

7. Smoke With Your Customers Before You Purchase Whatever They’re Selling

Weed Firm Tips

• We’ve told you about what makes each customer more comfortable in spending some dough on your goods and some of the goods they sell.

• When they head over to your crib and you’ve unlocked the option to pick up whatever item they’re looking to sell, smoke with them. You’ll get a substantial discount on the product you’re about to pick up and add to your collection.

8. Stack Up Some Cash for the Lapdance Minigame You’ll Run Into

• You’re eventually going to find yourself in an “interesting” situation. This situation is nothing more than an “innocent” little lapdance.

• It pays off greatly when you successfully complete the lapdance encounter. You’ll get a huge EXP boost once it comes to a close, so make sure you have the funds to finish it by saving up a healthy amount of bucks. This is one of the few missions that grant you some much-needed EXP.

Head to the next page to learn how to net some extra cash and what it takes to keep the alien from nabbing all your stuff!

9. Take Advantage of Your Social Media Feeds in Order to Get More $$$

Weed Firm iOS

• This trick may annoy your non-mobile gaming friends, but it will keep your in-game pockets full in the long run.

• Share your progress in the game through the usual social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) up to 10 times per day to earn some extra cash bonuses.

10. Keep Some Weed on Deck for That Special UFO Visit

Weed Firm

WriterParty.com told players they should keep some extra greenery on hand for an alien encounter that shows up when you’re at level 11:

• When the alien shows up beginning at level eleven, he will steal all of your experience unless you trade your weed for experience. Save up a ton of weed and then trade with him for a fairly quick way to level up, because he will trade you at a ratio of 1 exp for 3 weed. Use the time-lapse cheat as previously mentioned (setting the time ahead on your phone) to grow a massive amount of weed to trade to him.

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Weed Firm players, throw them in the comments section!

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