‘Fish Out of Water!’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Fish Out of Water Mobile

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Fish Out of Water!

1. Get to Know How Each Sea Creature Moves Around

Fish Out of Water Mobile

• The purpose of this cool lil’ mobile game is to get the best ratings possible from a group of crabs. How are you supposed to do this, you ask? You’ll have to work to get a perfect 10 by using a variety of sea animals in order to bounce and fly across the ocean.

• Finlay the Dolphin has great leaping and diving abilities. When using him, flick him across the screen in staright lines. Errol is the bounciest creature out of the bunch. The Brothers faction (the four fish character selection) are able to split up when they’re skipped across the screen. Like The Brothers, the Rocket sinks pretty fast if they’re skipped into the sky too high.

• As for Micro the Whale, he can naturally bounce along the water without much effort. Micro is also capable of getting more air time when flicked into the air. Olympus has the ability to automatically bounce along the ocean’s surface, plus it has all-around great stats in every area.

2. Get to Know Your Crabs, Too

Fish Out of Water

• You’ll also need to know what each crab likes and how they judge your sea-faring activities.

• Distance Dorothy loves it when you take super long distance leaps across the water. Reasonable Re makes its judgement calls based on the skips of your creature, the distance he/she goes and the current weather conditions. Skippy Steve judges the number of skips according to how the weather is acting.

• Nice Natalie seems to get entertained by anything since she’s always happy to dole out some high scores. Harwood is the most critical of the bunch, so he’s pretty hard to please.

3. Make Sure You Know All About Those Weather Conditions

Fish Out of Water Tips

TouchTapPlay.com gave players a few tips on what all the game’s weather conditions are and how they can affect your progress through the stages:

• Weather dramatically affects how your fish will travel. It will also change the water. Snow adds ice to the water meaning you can skip higher. Rain & lighting intensifies the waves and makes harder to skip but perfect boost timing means you can hit a wave and skip really far. Sunshine bring out the jellyfish, skip on one with a perfect boost will bounce you up a great deal. Volcano sun set adds volcanoes that fire you into the air.

4. So When Does the Weather Change?

Fish Out of Water

• The weather conditions change from completely sunny, clear skies to calm waters to stormy seas. Note that the weather changes every hour. Might want to take an whole hour of playtime off if you run into a storm-filled stage.

5. What Are Some of the Best Charm Combinations?

Fish Out of Water Charms

• The Red, Blue, Orange, Purple, Crimson and Navy Charms are the best ones in the game.

• In order to get these charms, combine the following items:

– Red Charm (Red tail + Red body): adds 75-meters to your next throw
– Blue Charm (Blue Tail + Blue Body): adds 20 skips to your next throw
– Orange Charm (Yellow Tail + Red Body): the next score from Harwood will be a perfect 10
– Purple Charm (Blue Tail + Red Body): adds 50-meters & 15 skips to your next throw
– Crimson Charm (Black Tail + Red Body): adds 100-meters to you next throw
– Navy Charm (Black Tail + Blue Body): adds 30 skips to your next throw

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