‘Fish Out of Water!’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

6. Completing Achievements Will Net You Some Extra Crystals

• Whenever you check off any of the in-game achievements, you’ll get the choice to select one out of three selectable treasure chests. You’ll get those hard-to-earn crystals just by performing this task.

• Don’t go nuts spending real-world money on purchasing crystals, by the way.

7. The Methods Needed to Level Up Your Sea Creatures Include…

Fish Out of Water

• Is by completing some of the stage goals with the appropriate fish. You can find out what stage goals you’ll have to get through just by clicking on the bottom right checkered flag. You can also increase the overall level of your fishes just by collecting some treasure chests throughout each stage.

• Completing any of the in-game achievements will level up your fish, too.

8. Use Your Boost Meter Sparingly

• Note that all three of the fish you select for a run all use the same boost meter. With this knowledge, you should only use it when you’re DYING to put it into action. Your usage of the boost meter is universal among you chosen fishes.

9. When’s the Right Time to Use Your Boost?

Fish Out of Water

• You’ll notice the boost meter near the top right of the screen. You should use it as soon as your fish lands on the surface of the water. You should also use it during your final run with your last sea creature once you’re close to the finish line.

• Remember that each yellow boostie you collect will increase your overall boost bar.

10. Begin Any Round With the Fish You’re Most Comfortable Using

GameRevolution.com told players to start off any run with the fish they’ve become more comfortable with thus far:

• Begin a round with the fish you feel most comfortable with. This way, you won’t have to use much boost, thereby saving it for the other two fish.



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What is the benefit of creating the black charm fish (small black + large black)? It seems like just a waste of charms – the black fish splits into three but has pretty poor distance & skip abilities.


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While boosting IN the water with the black fish I have gotten it up to 600 meters before, it’s my favourite. It seriously adds up the scores if you do it correctly, I’m sure it’s in the Internet somewhere.

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