‘Sniper Elite 3’: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Sniper Elite 3

There are two groups of first-person shooter/third-person shooter gaming fans- those who love balls-to-the-wall, intense gunplay. And then there are those who prefer taking it slow and quietly eliminating the threat at hand. For those in the later group, the Sniper Elite series should be a favorite amongst them.

The 3rd iteration in the series is not only launching on last-gen consoles, but it’s going to make it’s debut on next-gen systems. Along with the move to new, more powerful systems comes a brand new location, improved game mechanics and many more new additions.

Here’s everything you need to know about Sniper Elite 3!

1. OSS Sniper Karl Fairburne is Heading to a New Location

Sniper Elite 3 "101" Gameplay TrailerWatch this ultimate Sniper Elite 3 preview with over four minutes of NEW gameplay footage. See the game's emergent stealth mechanics and genre-leading ballistics first hand, and learn the tactics you'll need to defeat Germany's Afrika Korps. PRE-ORDER now from sniperelite3.com2014-05-07T13:01:03.000Z

Longtime lead sniper of the series Karl Fairburne will still be involved in the World War II conflict, but this time he’s heading to a new locale – North Africa. The year is 1942 and Germany is hard at work constructing a powerful weapon. This new weapon is being built in order to turn the tide of the war and destroy the Allied forces. Fairburne is sent in to stop this weapon from being built, but he must first deal with the Afrika Korps (a division of the Tiger Tanks military division).

2. There Are a Ton of New Additions Making Its Way Into the Game

Sniper Elite 3

During a Q&A session between fans and the developers of Sniper Elite 3, a few details about the game’s big changes were revealed:

Where do we start?! 3 X larger levels. More tactical choice (especially stealth options). Sabotaging equipment to make sound masks for your shot. Multi-stage vehicle takedowns with X-ray camera. Smarter, more believable AI enemies, more enemies in each level. New relocation mechanic to fool enemies and drag them out of position. A new ‘non-sticky’ cover system, much smoother vaulting and movement, new weapon selection options and equipment combos. New customization options and cross-mode XP system. Multiplayer developed from day 1 with a dedicated team… tonnes of stuff basically! Oh and it looks beautiful :)

3. You’ll Be Able to Participate in a Few Famous Historical Battles

Sniper Elite 3

Over the course of that same Q&A session, it was also revealed that some of the missions will be based on real historical battles from the North African WWII conflict:

Most of the levels are crucial locations from the conflict. Karl is there for the fall of Tobruk and will also visit Halfaya Pass, Kasserine Pass and other landmarks, which were all fought over constantly. These aren’t like-for-like, rather they are inspired by the locations to make them suitable for a sniping videogame! You won’t be taking part in mass battles; instead your job is the dirty work – crucial assassinations, intelligence and sabotage missions in the background!

4. Multiplayer is Making Its Way Back In

Sniper Elite 3 Multiplayer | Official TrailerOver two minutes of kinetic multiplayer gameplay. Get your first look at Sniper Elite 3's unique competitive and co-operative multiplayer modes! Get Hunt the Grey Wolf DLC FREE when you PRE-ORDER! sniperelite3.com Sniper Elite 3 arrives June 27th on PCs worldwide and consoles (exc N America) and July 1st on consoles in North America.2014-06-05T13:00:05.000Z

Besides the approximately 12-hour long single-player campaign, there will be also be a competitive multiplayer mode. 12 players (on both consoles and PC) will get to blast each other to bits in five different online game modes. Some of the modes include Distance King and No Cross, which can be played within a variety of maps at launch.

5. There’s Also a Co-Op Mode

Sniper Elite 3

Besides the competitive multiplayer mode, there’s also going to be a co-op multiplayer option for players who’d rather go sniping together. Two players can trek through the entire single-player campaign through online play and play alongside each other in two other game modes (Overwatch and Survival).

Overwatch mode will place two players into the roles of the Sniper and the Operative. These two classes will have to work together to complete the mission at hand. Survival mode will test two players endurance as they take on a horde of German Afrika Korps.

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