‘Sniper Elite 3’: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

6. The XP System Will Accumulate Points Over the Course of Every Game Mode

Sniper Elite 3

Whether you’re playing the single-player or multiplayer modes, you’ll get to amass a universal gathering of experience points, medals and ribbons. You’ll get the chance to upgrade your sniper, customize their appearance, change their weaponry and alter their pre-mission loadout. On the weapons front, three rifles have been announced thus far:

M1 Garrand
British Lee Enfield

7. There Will Be Collectible Intel Through the Game’s Many Mission

Sniper Elite 3

As a part of Sniper Elite 3’s Q&A session, one of the game’s many devs spoke to fans about what they can expect to collect in the form of intel. This in-game intel will include some material revolving around real-world weaponry the Germans were working on during WWII:

There is collectible intel throughout the game that drives the narrative, but we don’t want to trick the player into thinking that this is a historically accurate story – it’s very much to set up to make it a very fun campaign, but we do play off some of the real secret projects the German’s were working on! As I’ve covered in some other questions here we love our history at Rebellion and have bookshelves worth of sources, interviewed sniping experts and even got inside some World War Two vehicles, so there is a real feel of authenticity to the art.

8. One of the Game’s Pre Order Bonuses Provides Players with Extra Multiplayer Characters

One of the game’s pre-order bonus add-on’s includes three extra characters that are usable in multiplayer’s competitive modes. This DLC pack is known as the “Allied Re-Enforcement Outfits Pack”:

• Allied Urban Sniper
• U.S. Army Rifleman
• Indian Division Soldier

9. The DLC Will Allow You to Put Down Hitler Himself

Other pre-order’s of the game will grant players access to the 1st official DLC mission – “Hunt the Grey Wolf.” This extra mission will task players with maneuvering through an expansive environment will trying to locate and eliminate Hitler. You’ll also have to discover who is the real Hitler and whom his body-double is.

10. There’s a Awesome Collector’s Edition of the Game

Sniper Elite 3 Collectors Edition

Avid Sniper Elite fans can purchase the Collector’s Edition of Sniper Elite 3. It comes with the following bonus items:

• a copy of Sniper Elite 3
• Limited Edition Ammo Tin Box
• Collectible Playing Cards
• Bullet Torch Pen
• Sniper Shooting Range Target
• Dog Tag
• 3 Exclusive DLC Weapon & Outfit Packs

Buy it here.

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