Sony PlayStation E3 2014 Press Conference: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

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Sony finished off the 1st day of E3 2014 press conferences on a high note. Here’s everything that went down during Sony’s PlayStation E3 2014 press conference!

1. Destiny Began the Show


The show started off with a bang as a new trailer for Bungie Games’ Destiny hit the big screen. The trailer depicted astronauts as they stepped onto the planet Mars on the present day. The narrator of the trailer spoke about a supreme Darkness that found the human race and ended everything. A mysterious object locates one sole survivor – you. As the trailer wore on, the game’s Guardians could be seen fighting off hordes of planetary enemies with future firearms. PlayStation gamers will get their hands on the Destiny beta on July 17, 2014. Starting this Thursday and through the weekend, a special PS4 alpha will be available online. A special White PS4/Destiny bundle will be coming out on September 9, 2014. A great deal of new Destiny content will be awarded to PlayStation owners upon release.

2. New Gameplay Footage of The Order: 1886 Was Shown

The Order 1886

New footage of The Order: 1886 showed off a new sequence where one of the main characters could be seen engaging with a foul beast. It was pretty awesome to see just how seamless the CG scenes into real-time gameplay instances could look onscreen.

3. A Flashy New Title Called Entwined Made Its 1st Showing

Entwined PS4

Entwined, an interesting gameplay experience that uses the cooperation of two players, got to take the live stage. The game is available now on the PS4 for $9.99. The PS Vita and PS3 versions of the game will be coming sometime soon. This interesting downloadable title is centered around “two souls that are in love, but can’t be together.”

4. A New Does of Infamous: Second Son DLC Was Shown in a Teaser Trailer

Infamous Second Son First Light

A new piece of stand alone DLC for Infamous: Second Son was shown, which is planned for release in August 2014. The DLC, called Infamous: Second Son – First Light, showed only some brief scenes from what’s sure to come. What we managed to get from the trailer is that player swill be able to use Fetch. This piece of DLC can be downloaded as a stand-alone digital product, but players who own the physical game will get extra content.

5. A Huge Demo for LittleBigPlanet 3 Popped Up

LittleBigPlanet 3

LittleBigPlanet 3 made its surprising debut as a PS4 exclusive. A new second mascot for the game, Oddsock, was seen pulling off wall jumps while Sackboy watched in amazement. Another new character named Swoop showed off the ability to fly. Toggle can change his weight and form at any time. Sackboy and his new buddies traversed across a stage packed with puzzles and interesting co-op situations. An official game trailer hit the screen once the gameplay demo came to a close. Every level from the last two games will be in this 3rd iteration.

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