Sony PlayStation E3 2014 Press Conference: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

6. From Software’s Bloodborne Was Shown


A completely new Sony IP was shown in one of the best trailers of the evening – Bloodborne. This debuting piece of footage showed a single man walking amongst hideous ghouls in a darkened environment. The CG trailer showcased some elements of what gamers have seen in the Dark/Demon’s Souls series (the director of the Dark Souls’ games is behind this new title). This title (formerly known as “Project Beast”) will launch sometime in 2015.

7. Far Cry 4 Was Given Its Time to Shine in a New Gameplay Trailer

Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4’s new main mercenary, Ajay Ghale, was shown off in a nice chunk of exclusive gameplay. He could be seen sneaking around the mountains and jungle before coming upon an outpost. Once he reached the outpost, Ajay began silently taking out his enemies, stealing a truck and taking down other enemies in rival vehicles. The vehicle was taken down by a landslide, which lead to Ajay parachuting of the side of the high road. A 2nd player named Hurk joined the mission at hand and offered some extra firepower. Both players wreaked havoc on an outpost as elephants stampeded around. PS3/PS4 players can invite owners and even non-owners of Far Cry 4 for some multiplayer co-op gameplay.

8. Dead Island 2 Was Shown

Dead Island 2

A wild and zany trailer for a new zombie apocalypse focused game was shown for Dead Island 2 . A normal man taking his daily jog ran through some undead chaos while some music blared through his headphones. Near the end of the trailer, the jogger transformed into a zombie himself as a fellow horde ran beside him. Dead Island 2’s 30-day beta and extra character class will come exclusively to PS4 players.

9. New Gameplay for No Many’s Sky Was Shown

No Man's Sky

An extremely vivid gameplay trailer for No Man’s Sky was shown. The main player made its way around a planet inhabited by huge lizards while spaceships sped through the skies. Once the player’s own spaceship was located, the game showed how seamless and easy players accessing the skies could be. There was no loading seen as the spaceship flew off the dinosaur filled planet right into space and then onto a newly discovered planet. Each player will start off on a different planet, which means no two experiences will be the same.

10. World Premier Footage of Mortal Kombat X Was Shown

Mortal Kombat X

An exclusive piece of Mortal Kombat X footage showed Scorpion, Sub-Zero and two all new characters doing battle. Environmental attacks, huge special moves, Fatalities and brutal bits of extra gory gameplay was shown to the world for the very 1st time.

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