Top 10 Best Father’s Day Gifts for Gaming Dads

Father's Day

Father’s Day is usually associated with several familiar elements – cheap (or expensive) ties, the big piece of chicken, lame love making from your wife…oh wait, those are the worst things about Father’s Day.

The good things revolving around this special Pops celebration day are the well wishes and gifts from their child/children and wife. If your Father is more keen on increasing his kill score in Call of Duty, then you’re going to want to buy something he’d truly care about. Put down the expensive, horrible smelling cologne and get him these video game-inspired gifts.

If you bring this to your gamer Dad, then he’ll truly appreciate you for knowing what he truly desires!

10. For The Father Who Wants to Be More Comfortable While Gaming – X Rocker Pro Wireless

Father's Day Video Game Gifts

Video game chairs make playing hours upon hours of some addictive first-person shooter a lot more comfortable. Your Father needs an awesome gaming chair that keeps his back intact and gets him into the mode of a digital war torn soldier. The best gaming chair you’ll need to get him is the X Rocker Pro Wireless. This bad boy comes packed with four separate speakers, a sweet subwoofer, a built-in receiver and Wi-fi transmitter. Yeah, you want one too. But make sure your gamer dad gets his first.

Buy it here.

9. For The Hardcore PC Gamer Dad – SteelSeries Apex Gaming Keyboard

Father's Day Video Game Gifts

Did you just walk past your dad in the living room and catch him going hard in a heated World of Warcraft session? Does he look like he’s having the hardest time taking down his foes with the crappy keyboard he’s forced to play with? It might be in your best interest to pick up the SteelSeries Apex Gaming Keyboard for him. It comes with the option to create custom button remapping profiles, the design is incredibly sleek and it comes in two different versions that are equally awesome. You can either get him the Apex or Apex RAW edition for him. We’re sure your dad will be pleased.

Buy it here.

8. Another Great Gift for You Hardcore PC Gaming Dad – Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse

Father's Day Video Game Gifts

You got him the keyboard, but you have to complete the PC gaming gift combo with this gaming mouse – the Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse. It looks great, feels great and it can be used to become masterful in a number of games. It doesn’t matter if your Father is a huge FPS, RTS or MMO head. This gaming mouse comes outfitted with the tech needed to become compatible with all games in every genre.

Buy it here.

7. For The Hardcore Capcom Fan Who Loves Him Some Anime – Devil May Cry: The Complete Series

Father's Day Video Game Gifts

So your father is infatuated with the world of Capcom. He can’t stop going to conventions dressed as Strider. He thinks Dante is the coolest guy on the planet. He bought an arcade stick just so he could get better at Street Fighter IV. If he happens to also enjoy watching some anime, then this is the perfect gift suggestion – the full, complete series of the Devil May Cry anime series. There’s action, drama, corny but still cool line from Dante and everythign else a major Capcom/DMC/anime fan would enjoy.

Buy it here.

6. For The Father Who Wants to Enjoy Some Multiplayer Session with the Family – Mario Kart 8

Father's Day Video Game Gifts

Your dad isn’t a total lone when he plays video games, right? If he happens to have a Wii U and four controller just sitting around, do him and the rest of the household a favor just by getting him Mario Kart 8. This is the ultimate multiplayer racer that will make any slow afternoon just fly by thanks to how fun it is. Nintendo’s kart racing game series never gets old, but this entry in the series freshens up the formula with anti-gravity racing. Your Pops and the whole house will appreciate this gift that keeps on giving.

Buy it here.

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