‘Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Dino Hunter Deadly Shores

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores!

1. Take Aim for the Lungs or Heart for More Cash

Dino Hunter Deadly Shores

• Every dinosaur you’ll be tasked with mowing down with your large arsenal has different areas you can shoot for more money.

• You’ll earn $25 for every lung shot you successfully pull off. You’ll get double that amount ($50) when you pick off those troublesome dino’s hearts.

2. Make Good Use of the Rifle Series’ Weapons

Dino Hunter Deadly Shores Tips

• The most efficient gun series you’ll want to upgrade and get used to are the rifles. They come in handy for locating a dinosaur’s weak points (like the aforementioned lung and heart shots) once you unlock the Infrared rifle scope enhancement. When you zoom into a dino’s overall body, you’ll get to see exactly where your target’s vital body points lie.

• Rifles are not only great for shooting weak points; they also come in handy when you’re scoping out each level. Before you start shooting down some big lizards, use your rifle scope to get a layout of the land. Always remember that those dinos won’t start rampaging until you fire off your 1st shot.

3. Make Good Use of Your Infrared Attachment in Order to Keep It’s Battery Full

Dino Hunter Deadly Shores

WriterParty.com told players how to make the best usage out of your infrared attachment during certain level goal situations:

• When your goal in a stage is to hit a specific body part of a dinosaur, you’re going to want to minimize the amount of battery life that your infrared uses, so increase your zoom as much as possible before you take these levels on.

• Then, when you are in the level, tap the infrared, look for the required body part (head, lung, etc) and memorize the location, then shut the infrared off and take the shot.

4. Make Sure You Upgrade Your Weapon Capacity

Dino Hunter Deadly Shores

• One of the most important weapon upgrades you’ll want to invest in is the capacity stat. You’ll have a much easier time on the much tougher levels in the game, due to an upgraded capacity level that lets you shoot at a faster rate.

5. You Should Always Follow the Weapon Recommendations

Dino Hunter Deadly Shores Cheats

• You’ll begin to notice that some levels will ask you or require you to upgrade your currently held weapon. You should make sure to take heed of those upgrade requirements because it’s the only way you’ll properly complete some levels.

• Don’t be a rebel and try to take on these missions with guns that aren’t stronger yet. Just follow the upgrade guidelines so you’ll have an easier time tackling each mission.


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