‘Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn’: The Only Review You Need to Read

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn Launch TrailerDynasty Warriors Gundam: Reborn is now available in the Americas on the PSN for the PlayStation 3! Buy it now: http://bit.ly/1nMBScV Features: • The Anime in Motion – Play through famous scenes and scenarios ripped from the Mobile Suit Gundam universe: • Mobile Suit Gundam (Movie) • Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam (Movie) • Mobile Suit…2014-07-01T07:00:02.000Z


Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn

The Dynasty Warriors series is considered one of two things – an incredibly fun slash ’em up set of games that let gamers play out their power fantasies or a super repetitive collection of releases that has been driven into the ground. Either way, this series and its many offshoots are still garnering sales and keeping its fans happy. For Gundam fans, the past few years have been filled with crossover games that mash the gameplay of Dynasty Warriors and the plot elements of this popular anime series. PS3 owners have a new installment to get attached to – Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn.

Longtime Gundam fans who have an encyclopedic knowledge of each sub-series will get their kicks from playing Official Mode. The fan service that exists in this campaign mode will be a major deciding factor for those looking to truly enjoy it. This Official Mode follows the most memorable and incredible moments from the Universal Century and Cosmic Era storylines, which features a nice selection of Gundam’s many story arcs. Each stage, the climactic moments that occur within them and the cinematic plot explanations that happen in-between them explain the story of Gundam’s history quite well. Fans and even Gundam newcomers will have a fun time getting to see the best of Gundam’s most climactic moments.

Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn

Ultimate Mode is a great offering for players who just want to see Gundam’s many robotic icons cross over into each other’s respective universes. Thanks to the huge selection of playable Mobile Suits and Armors, this mode stands out as a plus since you can play throughout the whole of the Gundam series. Visually, everything looks solid enough. The Gundam bots that you’ll pilot and lay waste to remain loyal to their animated counterparts. Making your way into space for some zero gravity mech destruction will lead to visually pleasing moments as well. Nothing in this game looks amazing, but it doesn’t look all the way bad either. Each stage, however, is nothing to be enamored with due to how bland most of their designs are.

The audio is an up and down affair. Listening to some of the traditional voice actors for many of the Mobile Suits and Armors pilots are fun. Hardcore fans will be pleased to hear their favorite characters passionately scream and make their presence known during battle. However, the lame soundtrack is a big miss in the audio department. You’ll be much better off using the option to upload your own set of tunes to rock out to then listen to the uninspired default tracks.

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Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn

If you know what these Dynasty Warriors-inspired games are all about, then you obviously know what you’re going to get into. Pick your favorite robot warrior, hop onto a battlefield filled with hundreds of opposing mech forces and then whip out your weaponry to destroy them all. The overall repetitive nature of hacking and slashing countless enemies is a feeling that still persists in a game like this one, though. Playing this game in quick spurts in order to fight off the sense of boredom that will eventually set in is the way to play. There are cool elements that look to freshen up the well worn formula a bit (like the selection of partners for Ultimate Mode special attacks), but you’ll fall into the “KILL ‘EM ALL!” formula every time.

Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn

Gundam fans will have the most fun with this type of gameplay thanks to the huge selection of Gundam bots to choose from. There’s Mobile Suits/Armors from Mobile Suit Gundam, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack etc. With so many suits/armors to choose from and the option to unlock more/upgrade them keeps this beat ’em up from getting too stale.

Final Verdict

Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn is pretty much a Gundam fan’s ultimate, playable wet dream. The Official/Ultimate modes, massive amounts of fan service and respectable attention to series detail makes this action game worth checking out. However, non-fans will find the repetitive gameplay not worth investing more than a few hours into. This slash ’em up was made for fans who will pay more attention to the plot retellings more than the somewhat tired action sequences. Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn is a “meh…” experience at best.

Rating: 6/10

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