‘Game of Thrones Ascent’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Game of Thrones Ascent

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Game of Thrones: Ascent!

1. The Basics of Character Alignments

Game of Thrones Ascent

When you’re ready to alter you chosen’s character’s personality alignments at the start of your game, you’ll notice three different attributes – Tradition, Duty and Integrity. The game’s Wiki Page breaks down each of these alignments and their main focuses:

• Tradition: The Old Ways embody the traditions of the Children Of The Forest, and the First Men, personal justice and respect for the Old Gods. The New Ways embody chivalry, worship of the faith of the Seven or the new traditions of R’hllor, and modern thinking.

• Integrity: Being Truthful means being frank avoiding lies and building strong bonds of trust. Being Cunning means thinking pragmatically, avoiding revealing too much information to others, and taking advantage of opportunities.

• Duty: A duty to Realm that you believe the good of Westeros and the Seven Kingdoms is paramount. A duty to Family means placing the interest of yourself and those close to you above all else.

2. The Basics of Character Alliances

• There are five Houses you can align your character with: Greyjoy, Stark, Lannister, Targaryen and Baratheon. Click on each alliance to see what benefits and characters that will become a part of your journey.

• Each of these character alliances offer exclusive quests, access to various alliances and different Fealty Talents. Choose wisely and take your chosen playstyle into account before choosing which House to join.

3. Decrease The Time It Takes to Complete Tasks By Crafting More Bread and Mead

• As you take on more Quests and try to finish upgrading your buildings, you’ll begin to notice that the time it takes to complete these tasks will increase.

• Having some bread in your stockpile can cut the time it takes to complete Quests/Adventures by 30 minutes. As for the use of mead, this super useful item speeds up the progress needed to finish off building upgrades. These two items play a huge part in speeding up your overall progress throughout the game.

4. Pour Your Upgrading Efforts Into Your Counting House and Village Center

Game of Thrones Ascent Tips

• As your kingdom begins to amass more buildings, you’ll be tasked with upgrading them in order to increase your output of items. One of the buildings you should upgrade the most is your Counting House. Your personal Counting House will increase your reserve of Silver Bars if you go ahead and upgrade this building’s maximum capacity. Your Sword Swords can also bring you the Silver Bars you so desperately need.

• Another building you should upgrade more than some of your other buildings is your Village Center. A much more improved Village Center will gain you even more grain, fish and wood at a much faster rate. These items play a big part in the production of some of the other important resources you’ll need to produce.

5. Only Equip Your Best Gear for Your Personal Character

Game of Thrones Ascent

• For your chosen character, you should make sure your best weapons, armory and companion units are always given to that individual. It may seem like a good idea to gift your Sworn Sword allies with some of your more powerful gear, but that’s actually something you shouldn’t do.

• When your character’s stats increase due to the change in equipped items, the Sworn Swords that are aligned with your warrior will receive a boost in stats too. Your chosen avatar’s power will get added to any of the Sworn Swords you choose to send on Quests.



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Emily Corts

Hey guys. I would not consider these “cheats” they are more like tips.I used a cheat that got me unlimited everything in game of thrones assent. I downloaded the hack it here. http://sniplink.net/ascenthack

Jill H.

Thank you Emily for the hack. I love the Kim K game, especially with so many stars and cash now.

Jill H.

oops I meant Game of Thrones assent. But I love the Kim K game as well :P


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