‘Game of Thrones Ascent’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

6. The Methods Towards Obtaining Valuable Gold Dragons

• A few of the in-game items can only be obtained by spending Gold Dragons on them.

• You can purchase Gold Dragon currency with real-world cash, if you’re dying to have a good amount. If you’re more of the patient type, you can obtain Gold Dragon coins by achieving a daily reward on the 7th day. You’ll gain 2-5 Golden Dragons right after logging in.

7. What You Should Spend Your Golden Dragon Coins On

Game of Thrones Ascent

• You should spend your Golden Dragon Coins on upgrading three things:

The Brewhouse (Village Center Premium Upgrade): You’ll be able to make more of the same resources (multiple copies) in one turn
The Exchange (Market Premium Upgrade): Your resource production in your Village Centre and Fealty Buildings will go much faster
The Jeweled Sword (Treasury Premium Upgrade): You’ll acquire more Silver currency after completing Quests

8. Log-In Everyday for Your Daily Rewards

Game of Thrones Ascent Cheats

• Make sure you’re playing everyday. Remain diligent in the way you play and you’ll pick up some Daily Rewards every time you log in. The Daily Rewards for each day is as follows:

– Day 1: Common Item
– Day 2: Common Item
– Day 3: Random Consumable Item
– Day 4: Silver Coins
– Day 5: Uncommon Item
– Day 6: Rare Item
– Day 7: 2-5 Gold Dragon Coins

9. Keep Leveling Up to Gain More Sworn Sword Allies

Game of Thrones Ascent Tips

• Quick tip right here – leveling up at certain intervals will let you hire more Sworn Swords. This occurs every time you gain a new experience upgrade for every fifth level you attain.

10. Keep Your Alliance Stocked With Friends and Raid Other Alliances to Increase Your Alliance’s Level

Game of Thrones Ascent

WriterParty.com provided players with some notable tips for players looking to strengthen their chosen alliance:

• Need more friends for your alliance? Look for people who have posted on Facebook, App Store etc, and are looking for adds. Or post for yourself so that other people can add you. The comment section of this article works just as well for that.

• Is your alliance stuck at a particular rank? Start raiding other alliances and winning, and your rank will increase rapidly.

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