‘MMX Racing’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

MMX Racing

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for MMX Racing!

1. The Key to Perfect Fast Start

MMX Racing

• When you’re at the starting line with your truck in tow, you’ll want to take off with a great fast start. The key to performing this action is by hitting the gas pedal and getting your rev counter to stay within the green marker section. Keep revving up your ride on and off in order to stay within that counter sweet spot.

• You can also get close to pulling off a perfect fast start by getting the rev counter to a higher rating, such as a 6 or 7.

2. This is How You Should Approach Accelerating After You Make a Perfect Start

MMX Racing Mobile

• Once you get that perfect start, make sure you change up your acceleration behavior by keeping your foot (well, finger) on the gas pedal. By doing this, you’ll be fast enough to make a successful leap once the 1st jump comes up.

3. The Key to a Nabbing That “Awesome” Score for Jumps and Landings

MMX Racing

• The best score you can obtain through takeoffs from those jumps is the “Awesome” score. When you nab this score, you’ll also be granted a speed boost for your ride.

• Approaching that jump takeoff the right way will require you to let your finger off the gas as soon as your front tires make their way over the green line of an obstacle. And as soon as your front tires hit the asphalt again, make sure you hit the gas pedal once again.

4. Earn More $$$ by Pleasing the Crowd

MMX Racing iOS

• You want more in-game currency, right? You’ll need that cash in order to purchase the upgrades you need to improve your ride.

• You’ll get the money you need after winning a race just by entertaining the crowd. Doing this requires you to get the best ratings possible through your jumps and landings. The other way you’ll keep the crowd pleased is by customizing your vehicle and bringing out the best attributes of that ride of yours.

5. Which Upgrades Should You Focus on the Most?

MMX Racing Mobile Tips

• You should spend your hard-earned prize money on upgrading your monster truck’s attributes in order of importance – Take-Off, Landing, Acceleration and Top Speed. You’ll be making the majority of your prize money through your successful jump Take-Off’s and Landing’s.

• Getting your acceleration up to par will aid you in getting ahead of your rival after making those landings. Your top speed isn’t too much of a major factor, but you should still offer this upgrade some TLC.

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