‘MMX Racing’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

6. Sometimes You Don’t Need to Upgrade Your Ride After Every Race; Save Your Money Sometimes

MMX Racing

• Even though you need to make a habit of upgrading your truck, you don’t need to do it every time you come away from winning a race. Sometimes, you should complete a race and save the victory earnings you’ve just been granted.

• The races that are marked by easier difficulty settings are the races you should play over and over again since you don’t need a vastly upgraded ride to successfully complete them.

7. Keep Playing The Easier Races in Order to Line Your Pockets with More Money for Upgrades

MMX Racing

• Keep on winning the easier races so you’ll get the cash needed to upgrade your vehicle for those much tougher courses. You’ll need the upgrades needed to even make a dent in those “Brutal” difficulty race events.

8. There’s Another Factor You’ll Need to Get a High Rating for in Order to Please the Crowd

• You can also please the crowd and earn more money just by pulling off a great start. Use the tips we gave you on pulling off a perfect fast start and you’ll walk away from winning a race with a high rating on your “Start Quality” statistics.

9. Upgrade Your Chassis and Engine, Then Purchase Cheaper Upgrades as Everything Gets More Expensive

MMX Racing

WriterParty.com told players what upgrades they should aim for once things tend to get a little bit more expensive for your truck:

• With upgrades, generally, you will want to go for the best bang for the buck, which is the overall score that appears over all of your truck’s individual statistics. Upgrading the engine and the chassis are the best for this, at least initially; however, when they get more expensive, then start buying the cheaper upgrades that you’ve neglected up until that point (tires, transmission, shocks etc).

10. Alter the Time Settings on Your Mobile Device to Be Granted Free Tickets

WriterParty.com also noted that players who want to rush into a race and gain themselves more tickets should forward the time settings on your mobile device:

• Each race costs at least one ticket to play in, and normally you have to wait for tickets to come back on their own or spend gold for them, but if you set the time ahead on your phone you can get them back right away. This trick can be done an unlimited number of times and is known as the time lapse cheat. Do this whenever you run out of tickets to keep racing forever.


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