‘Stardom: Hollywood’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

6. Be Nice to Rival Celebrities and Gain a Fanbase


After you get your first acting gig, you will run into Isabelle Smith, another celebrity. She’s upset because she was supposed to get the gig, but heard you stole it from her. When you encounter celebrities like Isabelle Smith, make sure you’re nice, even if they’re feisty. When you complete your first major acting gig you’ll start to gain a fanbase. The more fans you earn, the quicker it will be getting on the A-list. Once you gain fans, you will want to do what you can to get yourself known: get on TV, star in movies, and meet other celebrities on the A-list.

7. Get on Starnews

When you run into the paparazzi let them take your picture as it will help you get noticed. If the paparazzi say something nice about you, you can gain more fans. Of course, the more fans you have in the game you’ll get higher on the list.

8. Go on Dates and Flirt


To go on a date, simply click on the heart icon when you’re at the bar. By dating some of the hottest celebrities you can earn more bonus points, especially if the paparazzi take photographs of you and your date. If the paparazzi say something positive, you’ll gain more fans.

When you see the heart icon at a bar, you will be asked if you want to call it a “real date.” Just tap okay. Arnie may call with a job, but feel free to decline. He will have another job for you within the hour.

When you’re on a date make sure to complete all the different tasks. If you run out of energy, you can buy more in the starshop, or you can go outside and tap on the birds. If you own an iOS device you can invite friends from Game Center or Facebook friends to go on dates. They can be a great help through the game.

9. Furnish Your Home

When you have time to go back to your first condo, make sure to furnish it. You can upgrade your couch, television, hang up wall art, and get a new mattress and end table. When you’ve made it up higher on the list, and have more cash to spend, you can purchase luxury condos in different cities. You will also start to see cute cats outside of your apartment. If you have enough stars you can adopt them. You will also have the ability to buy apartments in different cities. Again, you’re going to want to furnish all of your apartments. You can also gain bonuses by adopting pets, so make sure you adopt as many as you can.

10. Running out of energy? Go exploring !

When your energy starts to drain, make sure you go exploring so you can earn some extra cash and bonuses. You can even connect with people at bars and restaurants to increase your stats. While it takes sometime to make your way up to the A-list, these tips and cheats will be sure to help you work your way up.

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White Hillman

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Those aren’t even tips and cheats – these are all things you do in literally the first hour of playing.


exactly!! I thought this cheats could help me get stars and stuff but… -__-


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