‘Tales of Xillia 2’: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

6. A Set of Manga Adaptations and Two CD’s Based on the Game Were Released in Japan

Tales of Xillia 2

In Japan, Tales of Xillia 2 ended up spawning four separate manga adaptations. Two of these adaptations were released as anthology series, while the other two were developed as a set of traditional manga series. The 1st anthology series is titled Tales of Xillia Yonkoma Kings, while the 2nd manga anthology is called Tales of Xillia 2 Comic Anthology.

As for the two manga series books, one of them is a direct adaptation of the game’s events while the other one is a separate tale called Tales of Xillia 2: Bipolar Crossroads.

7. It Was Released in Japan in 2012

Tales of Xillia 2

For American and U.K. fans, Tales of Xillia 2 is arriving 2 years after the release of the Japanese version. This game originally released in Japan on November 1, 2012. Famed Japanese video game publication Famitsu reviewed the game and awarded it with a score of 35/40.

8. Players Can Port Over Their DLC From the 1st Game to This One

Tales of Xillia 2

For those who downloaded and used the DLC offered for teh 1st game, you can also use that same DLC in Tales of Xillia 2. And as expected, exclsuive DLC will be offered to owners of this sequel upon release and at a later date.

9. A Collector’s Edition Focusing on the Game’s Main Character is Available for Pre-Order

Tales of Xillia 2 Collector's Edition

For the more hardcore fans of the game, a special Collector’s Edition is up for pre-order. Check out the pic above to see what comes with this decked-out special edition offering.

10. There’s Also Going to be a Day 1 Edition Released in Europe and Australia

Tales of Xillia 2

For fans looking to nab the game on launch in Europe and Australia, you’ll be able to pick up this special Day One Edition. Check out what you’ll obtain in this exclsuive special edition of the game.

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