Top 10 Games That Are Like Kim Kardashian: Hollywood


If you’re obsessed with Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game for iPhone & Android, then you will love these games!

1. Stardom: Hollywood


If your dream is to be an aspiring actor, you get to be just that in Stardom: Hollywood. Create your own actress and go from someone who is unknown to an A-list celebrity. You’ll have to work hard to get picked up by an agent, and you might even star in hit TV shows and popular movies and win awards for your role. As you make your way to the A-list, you’ll have to let the paparazzi take your photo, even when you’re on dates with some of the hottest celebrities. Start your adventure now in Stardom: Hollywood. You can download Stardom: Hollywood from the App Store and Google Play Store.

2. Stardom: The A-List


If you like the challenge of transforming from a nobody to being an A-list celebrity, you will love being an international superstar in Stardom: The A-List. In this game you will flirt, schmooze, and get rich! You’ll get opportunities to star in movies and TV shows to gain a major fan base. Party with celebrities at the best venues, purchase luxury homes, and make sure you stay on top of the latest fashion trends. Before you know, you’ll be accepting awards. You can download Stardom: The A-List from the App Store and Google Play Store.

3. Being Fashion Designer Games


You’ve been working hard to make it in the fashion industry, so nows your chance to prove yourself in the upcoming fashion show. You’ll get to design dresses for the models and be the top fashion designer you always wanted to be. You can download Being Fashion Designer Games from the Google Play Store.

4. Campus Life


It’s time for you to become part of the best sorority there is on campus! Meet new girlfriends, makeover your hair and makeup, and become a fashionista! At college, you’ll have fun throwing some of the hottest parties and recruit star athletes. You can download Campus Life from the App Store and Google Play Store.

5. Glam Fever


See if you have what it takes to build a fabulous career and date some of the hottest guys in the game. Try on the cutest outfits, find your dream guy and have fun shopping. You’ll experience the ultimate Glam Fever in this adventure. You can download Glam Fever from the App Store and Google Play Store.