WATCH: Sting Officially Revealed for ‘WWE 2K15’

We’ve all heard the rumors for months (and years, too!) on end, wrestling fans. Is Sting actually on his way to the WWE? Well, he’s finally arrived in the biggest wrestling company in the world…in video game form.

During WWE RAW (July 14, 2014 – Monday), wrestling and video game fans got the biggest and best trailer for a WWE video game ever – an orchestra played the dark, brooding theme of the legendary Sting. He’ll be playable in the game as a special pre-order bonus. We never thought we’d get to hear Sting’s crow theme once more. We’re very much looking forward to breaking some backs and necks with Scorpion Death Drops and Scorpion Death Locks.

Enjoy this extremely hype trailer and bask in the darkness of the man who ruled the roost of WCW for many years. WWE 2K15 will arrive on the past-gen consoles on October 28, 2014 and new-gen consoles on November 18, 2014. And if you want some official Sting merchandise, you can cop it via now.

Head to the next page to check out the 1st images of WWE 2K15’s different versions of Sting! Plus check out the “Hulkamania” edition of the game!

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