‘Barn Voyage’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Barn Voyage

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Barn Voyage!

1. Focus on Completing Those Quests Before Focusing So Much on Your Farming Activities

Barn Voyage

• Quests are there to offer you the general progression needed to push you farther along. By completing quests and making them your top priority, you’ll gain access to new recipes, animals and even more quests.

• You should focus more on finishing those mandatory quests so you can level up and get the items needed to make your farming activities flow much smoother.

2. Upgrade Your Fields and Grow As Much Crops as Possible

Barn Voyage Cheats

• One of the easiest ways to get your weight up is simply by upgrading your fields every chance you get. Larger fields will lead to you having more space available to lay down some crops here and there.

• Planting a bunch of crops will eventually lead to your farm producing the raw materials needed for recipes. And completing those recipes will come in handy (such as producing animal feed, for instance). Make it your top priority to plant a healthy amount of crops.

3. Fulfill Those Board Requests As Much As Possible

Barn Voyage

• You should always keep tabs on the order board. Fulfilling the requests on this board means you’ll have to offer up some of your crops and completed recipes.

• Taking care of these board requests will help you clear out your barn and silo, plus it will get you some extra money.

4. Do Your Friends a Favor and Visit Their Farms

• You can check out your online friends’ farms and do a whole bunch of different things. The one action you should focus on doing the most is helping them keep their farms in shape.

• Help out their farms by fulfilling any of the helper actions you come across. Doing any of those activities will grant you more money, items and experience. You should aid your friends as much as possible on a daily basis.

5. Treat Your Animals Like Royalty!

Barn Voyage

• As soon as you get access to owning some animals, then do so. Go ahead and add some chickens, cows and pigs to your staple. They may be expensive, but they’re worth it. Produce as much feed as possible to keep them pleased.

• Your animals will grant you the ingredients needed to fulfill some of the more advanced recipes out there. For instance, keeping your cows well fed will lead to you being granted the items needed to keep your Yogurt Machine running. That same piece of advice goes for feeding your goats, too.