‘Crazy Taxi: City Rush’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

6. There’s No Need to Spend Coins on the Mystery Trunk

Crazy Taxi City Rush

Imore.com noted that players shouldn’t really spend any money on anything from the Mystery Trunk:

• Each consecutive day you play City Rush, you’ll be eligible for the Daily Rush challenge which is basically a free play level where you can keep driving as long until you run out of time between checkpoints. If you miss a day, you’ll start off at day one again. Playing at least once a day gives you a multiplier for each consecutive day, which can add up to a lot of coins in your pocket.

7. Earn Some Free Rewards!

• Earning some free coins and gems is pretty easy since you can access it via the in-game store. Once you’re inside the in-game purchase store, make sure you tap either the offer button or the earn rewards button. Complete any of the offers listed on the wall and you’ll pick up all the extra payments you need.

• You’ll come away from these in-app store free offers with free coins and diamonds. All because you watched an ad or liked the game on Facebook. EASY!

8. Make Sure You Play This Game on a Daily Basis to Unlock the Daily Rush

Crazy Taxi City Rush

• Playing this game every day is the way to go. As you play the game on a daily basis, you’ll find yourself getting closer and closer to unlocking the Daily Rush mission. You’ll also get a bigger multiplier bonus the more you play on a daily basis, too.

• The Daily Rush mission is awesome because it’s a free level that doesn’t take any of your gas. This challenge level is a continuous mission that lets you keep driving for as long as you can before you run out of time between checkpoints. These missions will line your pockets the most.

9. Connect Your Game to Facebook for Some Extra Coins

Crazy Taxi City Rush Tips Cheats

• You definitely want to tap into the social media features for this game. By connecting it to Facebook, you can ride in your friend’s taxis, check out their garage and cab stats and nab some free gifts here and there.

• The 1st time you link your game to Facebook, you’ll pick up 3,000 bonus coins as soon as you make that connection.

10. Decorate Your Cab for Extra Payouts

Crazy Taxi City Rush Tips

• Customizing your ride with various decals, rims or hood ornaments not only make your car look a lot cooler, it nets you extra cash rewards. Every ride you complete will grant you more cash rewards from your pleased customers.

• Fancy up your ride to the max with even cheap decorations for some extra payola.

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