‘Destiny’: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know


Bungie lent their high quality development duties towards creating one of the most influential video game franchises, Halo. After their countless sequels and side projects within the series, Bungie has chosen to move onto a new frontier with its newest IP – Destiny.

Ever since gamers got a sample of the game’s Alpha and Beta demos, they’ve been excited to delve into the huge universe this FPS entails. Millions of players explored its planetary missions and now they’re all ready to explore even more of its expansive world.

Here’s everything you need to know about September’s biggest game release, Destiny.

1. The 1st Hint Towards Destiny’s Creation Popped Up in Halo 3: ODST

Destiny Easter Egg

Back in 2009, Bungie released the their latest update with the Halo franchise – Halo 3: ODST. An easter egg was found that points to the 1st known reference of Destiny – a mysterious sign on a wall displayed the message “Destiny Awaits.” That same sign showed a picture of Earth and a mysterious floating orb nearby the planet. In August 2011, Bungie showed off early environment screenshot renders and some extra footage of an early-in-development Destiny.

Several leaks images of the game’s concept art and even some plot details became public around November 2012. Bungie chose to officially reveal its new game in February 2013 with a video documentary that spoke in detail about it. Gamers everywhere got access to the game’s beta in July 2014. An astounding number of players participated in Destiny’s beta – 4,638,937.

2. The Game’s Plot Focuses on the Conflict Between The Last Defenders of Humanity and Evil Alien Threat

Official Destiny Gameplay Trailer: VenusVenus was once the site of a great discovery – a paradise. Now, it is a monument to all that we have lost. Defeat our enemies. Explore the ancient ruins of our solar system. Become Legend. Pre-Order Destiny to gear up for day one with early access to Vanguard weapons, gear, and a player emblem:…2014-08-18T17:00:07.000Z

Destiny’s storyline takes place 700 years into the future. Mankind has entered into a Golden Age where a period of exploration, peace and technological advancements began to prosper. Humans have spread out across the universe and colonized several planets along the way. However, this period of human prosperity comes to an end due an event known as “The Collapse.” The aforementioned colonies were broken apart and humans have been pushed to the brink of extinction.

The only surviviors of this cataclysmic event end up being saved by a white, spherical celestial body named “The Traveler.” This individual happens to be the reason why humans were able to reach the stars and navigate the universe. The humans now dwell on a city that’s the last safe haven on Earth. The Traveler stays close by by hovering above the city and also gives these humans an unknown power referred to as “The Light.”


Mankind is now looking to reconfigure their lives and enter into a new period of social prosperity. However, the coming presence of a hostile alien race threatens this plan. Humans decide to take on the role of Guardians, who are tasked taking down the alien threat and reviving The Traveler. Player guardians will be partnered up with Ghosts, which are robot A.I. voiced by Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage.

3. An Expansion Pass is Planned to Include Two Pieces of Game DLC


Destiny will come with several pieces of content that will giver players more story content to explore. For those who decide to purchase the game’s Digital Guardian Edition, they will be awarded the Expansion Pass and gain access to two separate DLC expansions.

The 1st expansion pack (“The Dark Below”) lets players explore beneath the surface of the moon and deal with an ancient evil and its army. Details on the 2nd expansion pack (“House of Wolves”) will come at a later date.

4. PS4 and PS4 Players Will Get to Access a Huge Offering of Exclusive Content


Destiny will offer PS4 and PS3 owners of the game a wealth of exclsuive content. This content includes exclsuive play modes for co-op and competitive play, Guardian gear, weapons and ships.

Check out the full list below to see what PS4 and PS3 players can look forward to getting. Hit up the official PlayStation blog to get an inside look at every piece of exclusive content:

• The Dust Palace Strike Co-Op mode
• The Exodus Blue Competitive multiplayer map
• The Warlock’s Manifold Seeker armor
• The Titan’s Vanir armor
• The Hunter’s Argus armor
• The Monte Carlo assault rifle
• The Hawkmoon hand cannon
• The “Aurora Wake” ship
• The “Crypt Hammer” ship
• The “Outrageous Fortune” ship

5. The Vanguard Armory is a Bonus Pack Offered for Pre-Orders

Destiny Vanguard Armory Pack

Pre-orders of the game will provide its recipients with early access to several in-game weapons and items, along with a pre-order only player emblem. These items will come packaged as a part of the digital “Vanguard Armory Pack,” which includes:

• Carte Blanche S.1 – Auto Rifle
• Trifecta S.2 – Pulse Rifle
• Singularity S.3 – Scout Rifle
• Peccadillo’s Grace – Hand Cannon
• SK5 Type-Null – Fusion Rifle
• SG-Scattercast – Shotgun
• 13098V Incognito – Sniper Rifle
• BTRD-345 – Machine Gun
• Harbinger – Rocket Launcher
• Stratus White – Helmet
• Chroma White – Helmet
• Agema White – Helmet

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