‘Godus’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know


Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Godus!

1. Having a Lot of Flat Land Terrain is Great for Maximizing Your Building Output

Godus Tips

• Your followers will handle all the building work and you’ll assign them to do it all since…well, you’re God. Any workers you have in your close vicinity will work to create new structures. Later on, you’ll gain the ability to entice workers who are much farther to start building.

• Make sure you have a wealth of flat land in your game world. Try to flatten as much of your world as possible just so you’ll have more buildings to put up.

• Leave a few mountains around since you’ll be given the ability to put up some higher level abodes later on. You’ll need a good amount of belief points in order to sculpt and expand, though.

2. Build Up a Bunch of Settlements Before You Start Putting Up Some Farms and Mines

Godus Tips Cheats

WriterParty.com noted that players should refrain from building up farms and mines so soon since you’ll have to pay for the goods that come from them:

• Once you build your first farm, you’ll end up having to pay one wheat for every abode that you build. The same is true for mines – once you build your first one, you will have to pay for ore. You can still build settlements without actually sending your farmers and miners out to build farms, so hold off on the farming and mining for as long as you possibly can for unlimited free settlements.

3. There’s an Ability That Will Help You Grow Wheat for You Much Faster

Godus Wheat

• Once you do get your farms built up, they’ll help you produce wheat. Wheat is needed to help feed your followers, so you’ll need to produce a lot of it.

• As God, the one ability that will get your wheat to grow much faster is the Rain of Purity. Doing this will aid your crop fields by causing it to give you your next batch of wheat much quicker.

4. The Key to Removing Buildings You Don’t Want Anymore

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• All you have to do to remove any abodes you’ve constructed in the past is simply by using your Finger of God power. Doing this allows you to make room for larger and better buildings that can be rebuilt on your land.

5. Clear Out as Many Trees and Rocks as Possible to Collect Extra Belief


• You’ll want to collect as much belief points as possible in order to get your followers to keep building. You can gain some extra belief points just by clearing out any trees or rocks on your land.

• Chipping at rocks can sometimes provide you with 40 Belief points at once.

6. Sparkles on Your Map Means They’re Chests in the Area

Godus Treasure

• Whenever you spot some sparkle icons (they kinda resemble fluttering coins), this means the area they’re hovering over are hiding chests. You’ll have to retrieve them by removing any of the ground layers in that area until it’s flat. Keep an eye out for chests all over your terrain.

7. The Best Ways to Increase Happiness

Godus Tips

• You can increase you happiness meter just by doing a few things – use your God Seed power to create tress and use your Rain of Purity power to lay water around the terrain.

• Remember – if your happiness meter gets too low, you’ll begin to lose followers to the Astari tribe.

8. How Do You Scare Off the Astari?

Godus Astari

• The Astari have the ability to take your followers away and even destroy any of your buildings. You’ll have to tap into your God powers in order to scare them off.

• Drowning them is one way to ward them off. Tap into your well of other powers in order to keep the Astari at bay. Also remember one thing – the bigger your empire, the less likely it is for your followers to head on over to the Astari.

9. You’re Going to Have to Spend Some Gems and Keep Building In Order to Keep Your Followers from Leaving With the Astari


Gamezebo.com told players they’ll have to do a lot of spending and building to keep unhappy followers from venturing over to the Astari:

• Astari festivals can draw your followers away if they’re not happy. Whenever the Astari hold a festival, be prepared to spend wildly to keep your followers, whether that means saving up your gems to purchase a fountain, or keep building trees with stored belief. As long as the smiley face on the slider to the right is above the red mask, you’re doing great.

10. The Time Forwarding Trick Works Pretty Well for Godus

Godus is one of those mobile games that relies on the concepts of time and patience. Waiting for your buildings to get finished and completing any assorted goals in the game does get a bit tiresome sometimes, though.

• Just go ahead and forward your devices time a few hours if you’re not the patient time. Return the the game and the time needed to get things done will have elapsed. You’ll get your Belief points and everything.

• Set your smartphone/tablet’s time back to normal and head back into Godus with your new progress still intact.