‘Micromon’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know


Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Micromon!

1. Know Your Micromon Elements


Micromon owes its gameplay roots to the OG of the monster-collecting RPG genre, Pokemon. One thing fans of Nintendo’s pocket monster collecting franchise know is this: Each creature comes with its own elemental affiliation. Each creature fights with the one of the following powers: Fire, Water, Wind, Mineral and Normal.

• Here’s a breakdown of what elements are strong and weak against the other ones: Water beats Fire, Fire beats Wind, Wind beats Water, Water beats Mineral and Mineral beats Wind. Normal-type Micromon aren’t particularly strong/weak against any other elements.

2. Upgrading Your Database Can Be Done Without Battling New Micromon

Micromon Tips

• You don’t have to capture new Micromon in order to add their information to your Database.

• All you have to do is meet a new creature in battle to get them added to your Database files.

3. Luke Comes in Handy When You’re Looking to Invade a New, Secret Area


QuickGamer.net gave players some advice regarding a man named Luke. Luke may just know the best spot to locate rarer and stronger Micromon:

• Luke is a database expert. He discovered a hidden memory space deep within the mainframe’s memory. He claims that in this area, you will find higher quality Micromon or even some unique Micromon never seen before. He looks for the strongest tamers and invites them to come. He normally shows up once you defeat a legion member.

4. Make Sure Your Have a Fast Micromon Available in Your Party at All Times


• You should always have a fast Micromon within your party at all times. When we mean speedy Micromon, we’re talking about one that has a speed stat of 4 or higher.

• Faster Micromon come in handy during tougher battles because they can sometimes get in two consecutive attacks. Micromon who have higher speed rates are also more likely to use healing moves during battle.

5. You’ll Have an Easier Time Leveling Up Your Micromon & Getting the 1st Strike by Seeking Out Sleeping Micromon

Micromon Cheats

• As you walk through the tall grass, you’ll notice some Z’s floating out of ’em. These Z’s signify that a sleeping Micromon is in your vicinity.

• If you’re looking to get the early lead on attacking this sleeping creature, make sure you walk into that patch of grass so you can enter into a battle. You’ll get the jump on the resting Micromon every time. These battles come in handy when you’re looking for an easy way to level grind a specific member of your Micromon party.




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