‘No One Dies Today!’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

No One Dies Today

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for No One Dies Today!

1. Here’s the Difference Between All The Difficulties

No One Dies Today

• OK so No One Dies Today! is a pretty fun endless runner that actually lets you control multiple characters. The difficulties that come with Classic Mode include Normal, Nightmare, Hell and Inferno.

• Normal Mode tasks you with using two runners, Nightmare Mode gives you three runners to control, Hell Mode gives you four and Inferno gives you the impossible task of running with 5 heroes. Go ahead and start your game on Normal Mode first.

2. Swiping Across the Screen is a Better Action for Simultaneous Obstacle Jumps

No One Dies Today

• You might think that tapping each individual hero as they make their way across the screen is the way to go, but it really isn’t a good tactic for every instance.

• You’ll have a much easier time getting your heroes to jump all at once and hop over any obstacles by swiping across your device’s whole screen. You should only do this when each of your heroes has to clear obstacles simultaneously.

• Tap each character individually when one of your heroes has to clear an obstacle while the other ones don’t.

3. Your Thumb Should Only Be Put to Work on the Left Side of the Screen

• Most of the obstacles in this game can be seen approaching from the right side of the screen.

• Instead of keeping your thumb on the right side of your device, you should keep them on the left side instead. This way, you’ll see all the obstacles coming your way and you’ll have an easier time reacting in time.

4. You Should Time Your Jumps According to the Height of Those Obstacles

No One Dies Today Tips

TouchTapPlay.com told players to adjust their jumps according to how high or low those upcoming obstacles are:

• The obstacles vary in height and width. For the very short ones you can jump pretty much any time you wish and you’ll make it over just fine. For the tall and wide ones try to jump as late as possible so that at the apex of your jump you pass right over them. Timing is key!

5. Keep Your Eyes Darting Over the Middle and Right Spaces of the Screen

• For such a fast moving endless runner, you may want to focus your eyes on two areas of the game – the middle and right portions of the screen. Obstacles tend to come up pretty fast from the right side of the screen, remember?

• Keeping your eyes on the center at certain times will give you a good chance at spotting all the dangers approaching your other heroes.