WATCH: ‘Dead Island 2’ Sunshine & Slaughter Gameplay Trailer

Gamers got their 1st look at the official sequel in the Dead Island series back at E3 2014. While that game’s cinematic trailer was fun and entertaining, fans (including us) were very much looking forward to seeing some gameplay.

Welp, we all got our wish! As Gamescom 2014 starts to head into high gear, new trailers for upcoming games are beginning to flood the web. Dead Island 2 has joined the game trailer craze with its new debut footage. This gameplay trailer shows off some pre-alpha footage that’s filled with ravenous zombies, huge guns, sunny locales and amazing graphics.

You can look forward to chopping and shooting down the undead in Dead Island 2 on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The game will hit stores sometime in 2015.