WATCH: Kano Character Reveal Trailer for ‘Mortal Kombat X’

Avid followers of the next Mortal Kombat have been keeping tabs on which kombatatants will be added to the game. A few leaked screenshots from a German gaming magazine gave us all an early look at a returning badass – KANO!

Ed Boon chose to feature himself in an official reveal trailer for Kano, which shows the character as an older but still ruthless fighter. His cybernetic upgrades are still intact! His three fighting style variations come in the form of Cybernetic, Commando and Cutthroat. This new version of Kano is even more brutal than his past series iterations. And we’re so ready to use him!

Check out Mortal Kombat X’s newest roster addition and the brand new battle arena you’ll be committing Fatalities in.

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