‘Alien: Isolation’: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

6. Another Pre-Order Bonus Will Let You Control Ellen Ripley

Alien Isolation Last Survivor

The special “Ripley Edition” of Alien: Isolation will award players with a special mission that focuses purely on Ellen Ripley. “Last Survivor” places players in the shoes of Ellen during the finale of the original Alien film. You’ll be tasked with setting off the “Nostromo” space station self-destruct sequence and escape the shuttle via the Narcissus.

7. An Additional Mode Called Survival Mode Will Be Featured

Alien: Isolation – Survivor Mode Trailer [1080p] TRUE-HD QUALITY►► Remember to select 720p or 1080p HD◄◄ Survivor Mode is all about pitting you, one-to-one, against the universe’s deadliest killer. Against the clock, it’s you versus the creature. With limited resources on each map, you will need to take advantage of everything and anything you can find to complete the objectives that will help…2014-09-17T18:17:28.000Z

Besides the main story campaign, Alien: Isolation will feature a Survivor Mode. This mode will place players onto various maps in which you’ll have to race against the clock and escape the alien on your tails. Once the game launches, it will come with one playable map (“Basement”). Over time, more Survivor Mode maps will become available as DLC.

8. The Game’s Season Pass Will Support the Game With Up to 6 Months of Additional Content

Alien Isolation

A Season Pass for the game has already been announced, which will give its recipients exclsuive access to all five Survivor Mode expansion maps and a 25-percent discount. SEGA has noted that this game will be supported with up to 6 months of additional DLC, which will all be released by March 2015.

9. The Creative Assembly are Behind the Production of this Title

The Creative Assembly

The developers behind this release, The Creative Assembly, are known for producing a line of strategy RPG games. Their most notable titles (besides Alien: Isolation, of course) includes the Total War series, Viking: Battle for Asgard and Stormrise.

10. The Game’s Environment Will Reflect the Old Technology Spotted in the Old Aliens Films

Alien Isolation DLC

In a cool nod to the look and decor of past films in the series, Alien: Isolation will feature the type of technology seen in that game’s timeline. This means you’ll come across 1970’s-esque computers that have monochrome displays and simple line graphics.