‘Angry Birds Stella’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Angry Birds Stella

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Angry Birds Stella!

1. Each Bird Comes With Several Different Abilities

Angry Birds Stella

• Each of the birds are distinguishable by their colors – Stella (pink), Poppy (yellow), Luca (light blue), Willow (dark blue), Dahlia (orange) and Gale (purple).

• Note that all of these birds have access to individual special abilities that allow them to make your pig smashing activities go a lot smoother. Stella has the ability to stop in mid-air after her 1st launch, get re-aimed and fly at that new target with an even more powerful crash. Stella also has the ability to use bubbles, which traps any blocks or pigs that are hit by them. These bubbles will eventually pop and crash down on the stage.

• Willow’s spinning ability comes in great handy to cause it’s so essential towards knocking down more obstacles.

• If you’re interested in learning about the other abilities for each bird, hit up this LINK.

2. Earning More Stars Leads to Unlocking More Birds

Angry Birds Stella

• The easiest thing to note about this game is the fact that earning more stars will lead to you adding more birds to your collection. You’ll also come away with new outfits and visual looks for each of your birds.

• The tips towards earning more stars varies. You can rack up more stars by completing stages with as few birds as possible and even replaying any completed stages.

3. Rack Up on Some Coins, But Conserve Them as Much as Possible

Angry Birds Stella Tips Tricks

• The coins system plays a huge part in how this game works (it adopted a free-to-play format). Coins are needed in order to buy some extra birds to use during each stage. Try and save up your coins for those much tougher stages since you’ll need those extra birds for ’em.

• You can increase your coin intake through constant grinding, which means completing stages, replaying completed stages and popping any of the coin bubble you see floating on a stage.

4. The Hammer Power Up is Essential!

Angry Birds Stella Tips

• Once you unlock the hammer power-up, you’ll come to love it for what it does – it can instantly destroy any structures or pig on a stage. The best ways to recharge your hammer meter is by destroying even more of the environment through normal means and even watching one of the available video advertisements in the game.

• If you find yourself getting closer and closer to a “Wall of Pigs” stage, save that hammer power-up for ’em.

5. Try and Aim Your Birds Towards the Base of Structures

Angry Birds Stella Tips

Gamezebo.com told players to make sure they aim their shots for the center of those meddlesome structures:

• Tearing down the foundation of a structure usually causes the whole thing to topple. It’s a good strategy for taking out several pigs at once.

• However, make sure the rubble doesn’t merely fall over and lie flat on top of the piggy. Instead of hurting them, you’ll wind up building a fallout shelter that keeps them safe from additional harm.

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