‘Clash of Clans’: Top Tips & Cheats for Tier 2 Troops (Giant, Wall Breaker, Balloon & Wizard)

Clash of Clans Giant

This Clash of Clans guide will provide you with the tips needed to train and utilize your Tier 2 troops in the most effective way possible!

1. The Giant

Clash of Clans Giant

• Giants are super huge troop types that soak up al lot of damage, but don’t do as much damage as you’d expect when you just have one on the field. It’s best to gather up a bunch of Giants at one time and put them near a bunch of Archers. This troop combination makes for a great duo to wield during offensive raids. Note that Giants reach their full potential at level 6. Giants can play a huge part in protecting some of your other troops (such as having some Giants run into a fort first and sending in some Wizards right behind them once those Giants falter). If you value your Giants, then its’s best to send in a Healer or two right next to a group of Giants. The best way to take down Giants is by putting up a bunch of traps around your base (spring traps should do the trick). You should also keep some Defensive Buildings on tow that that do massive splash damage. Taking down a group of Giants means you’ll need to hit ’em multiple times with Mortars.

2. The Wall Breaker

Clash of Clans Wall Breakers

• Wall Breakers? You already know what they can do. These small skeletal warriors can break down Walls much faster than any other troop. They hit their strongest level at level 6 (their physical attributes stay the same at level 1 & 2 and levels 3 & 4). As soon as you set some Wall Breakers onto the field during a raid, they’ll target any building that happens to be trapped behind some Walls. Place two or three Wall Breakers onto the field, put them around some Giants for extra protection and watch their destructive efforts unfold. The best way to get one up on the Wall Breakers is by making sure you don’t put up your most important buildings behind Walls. You don’t want these troops taking down your precious Defensive or Resource buildings.

3. The Balloon

Clash of Clans Balloon Troops

• The Balloon troops are also skeletal dudes who drop bombs from a hot air balloon. These bombs do some great splash damage, so its important to have three or four of these guys in the sky if your have enough Elixir. They hit their max level at level 6 (their look stays the same at level 1 & 2 and level 3 & 4). Buildings that have teh ability to take down aerial troops should be targeted immediately by your other troops. Once you’ve taken down a fort’s air defense buildings, you’ll have a far better chance at doing some huge damage with your Balloon troops. On the defensive end, just make sure you have a bunch of Archer and Wizard Towers housed around. They’ll take down some incoming Balloon troops pretty quickly.

4. The Wizard

Clash of Clans Wizard

• The Wizard troops make good use of their magic spells, which means they attack from a distance. They hit their strongest level at level 6 (they look the same at both levels 1 & 2). Wizard troops usually don’t have a large amount of hit points, so it’s best to have them fighting alongside Barbarians or Giants. Since these Wizards are capable of dishing out good splash damage, their spells do great work against a rival’s Clan Castle troops. Keep some Healers nearby as well since they’ll keep you low-health Wizards alive long enough to take down a Clan Castle. When you spot some Wizards on the enemy front, defensive buildings that do splash damage and ranged troops should make quick work of them.