‘Cursed Treasure 2’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

6. The Best Way to Deal With Ninjas

Cursed Treasure 2

• Ninjas become invisible after they are first hit. To beat these stealthy enemies build towers near map entrances, and others near your gems. Ninjas will go invisible early, but then the invisibility will wear off so your second line of defense will tear them apart!

7. The Best Way to Deal with Flying Enemies

Cursed Treasure 2

• Flying enemies appear very suddenly and take shortcuts that bypass your towers. Watch the next attack bar carefully, and build defenses on alternate routes in advance.

8. Pay Close Attention to the Special Skills of Your Enemies

Cursed Treasure 2 Tips

• Pay attention to enemy special abilities. For example, the Paladins and Templars can’t be frightened, so it’s useless to cast the ‘Terror’ spell on them.

9. The Terror Spell Can Also Work Well in Defending Your Buildings

Cursed Treasure 2

• You can cast the ‘Terror’ spell on your towers to clear negative effects off them (for example, the Templar’s ‘Consecration’ debuff).

10. Take Down Buildings That Tend to Produce Additional Baddies; These Extra Tips Will Also Aid You in Battle

Cursed Treasure 2 Tips

• When you capture buildings that generate additional enemies, you are not only decreasing the number of attackers but gaining some gold coins.

• Try to build towers close to roads. The longer the part of the road is in the tower’s range, the more effective the tower is.

• The pulsing arrow indicates that a tower is ready to be upgraded. Try to upgrade towers quickly as you gather enough money. The arrow indicator will turn green if you have enough!

• If you get into a difficult situation, don’t get upset. Use powerful Grand Spells to destroy all the enemies on the map, or even to return stolen gems back to your cave.

• Look at the badges and complete some tasks. Some badges give you XP as rewards.