‘Gladiators: Call of Arena’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Gladiators Call of Arena

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Gladiators: Call of Arena!

1. Focus on Upgrading Your Tavern As Much as Possible

Gladiators Call of Arena

• Your personal tavern aid you in recruiting more gladiators. Taverns house all different types of gladiators, so spend the most of your upgrading efforts towards this building. The more you strengthen your Tavern, the more upgrades you’ll be able to put upon it.

• Make good use of the daily free refreshes so you’ll get more gladiator troops to pick from. At higher Tavern levels, you’ll be granted even more free refreshes a day. Go ahead and pay 300 Gems if you’d like for an Elite refresh since you’ll get the chance to recruit high-class gladiators.

2. Attack Up to One Enemy at a Time With Several Gladiators

Gladiators Call of Arena Tips

• During those gladiatorial encounters, you’ll have to manually direct the attack patterns of your chosen warriors. You’ll have up to three gladiators in the arena at a time, so make sure you employ all three of them to take down one enemy at a time. This gives you a better chance at dodging/nullifying any attacks from opposing forces.

3. Sell Off Lower Level Gladiators and Transfer Their Experience Over to Your Stronger Soldiers

Gladiators Call of Arena

• As you ammass more gladiators, you’ll notice the immediate difference between your lower and higher leveled class members. It’s best to sell off and sacrifice C-Class warriors and lend their EXP on over to B-Class & A-Class warriors. Make sure you keep these gladiators as happy as possible by putting them up in nice houses.

4. Getting Plundered Sucks! Enter into a Truce As Much as Possible

• Simply put, getting plundered will result in a bunch of bad things occurring. The guardians who…well, guard you training soldiers will begin to lose confidence and go down in class stature. The plundering army will also come away with your valuable pieces of bread, iron and gold.

• If you’re not interested in dealing with a plunder attack from a repeating army, just enter into a truce. You have to pay for it, but having immunity against a particular enemy will give you the time needed to rebuild and restock.

5. Increasing Your Fame Will Aid You in Your Plunder Defense

Gladiators Call of Arena Tips

Wiki News reporter Laura Hale told players the best way to avoid getting plundered a lot – increase your fame stat:

• The best strategy I have found for avoiding getting plundered is to increase your fame as fast as possible. Head onto the campaign map to upgrade your low level gladiators easily by using your tickets to train them on levels where you already won gems and have a gold cup. Perform at the arena to get gold. Once I hit about level 45, I found I rarely got attacked. On the downside, I almost never win plunders.