‘Hyrule Warriors’: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

6. Japanese Gamers Have Been Treated to a Premium and Treasure Box Special Edition of the Game

Hyrule Warriors Premium Edition

Hyrule Warriors first saw release in Japan on August 14, 2014. Japanese gamers got access to two exclusive pre-order special editions of the game – The Premium Box and Treasure Box. The Premium Box (priced at 11,000 yen/$110) comes with the game, an official art book, a Triforce-shaped table clock and six character DLC costumes.

Hyrule Warriors Treasure Box

As for what comes with the Treasure Box (priced at 14,000 yen/$140), lucky recipients will be gifted the game, an official art book, a Triforce-shaped table clock, eight character DLC outfits, a physical version of Link’s in-game scarf and a physical treasure box with audio.

For American gamers who’re looking to import the Premium Box, hit up Play-Asia. The Treasure Box can be imported through GAMECITY and Amazon Japan.

7. Registering the Game With Club Nintendo Will Grant You Some Extra Ganondorf Outfits

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Nintendo and Koei Tecmo have already jam packed this game with a whole slew of content. Upon launch, loyal Club Nintendo fans who resister the game via this service will be awarded with a download code for additional DLC costumes for Ganondorf. Take note – you’ll have to register the game between September 26, 2014 and October 23, 2014.

Also, players who purchase the game upon release will receive a free download code for a new mode, new weapon and the option to select new music to add to the game.

8. Best Buy Will Offer Up a Pair of Skyward Sword Outfits

Hyrule Warriors Skyward Sword

Best Buy’s American pre-order incentives for Hyrule Warriors comes with Skyward Sword-themed DLC costumes for Link and Zelda.

9. GameStop’s Pre-Order Bonus Come in the From of Ocarina of Time Costumes

Hyrule Warriors Ocarina of Time

GameStop’s American outlets are handing out Ocarina of Time-themed DLC outfits for Link and Zelda via pre-order’s.

10. Amazon’s Pre-Order Bonus for the Game Includes Twilight Princess Costumes

Hyrule Warriors Twilight Princess

Amazon’s American online pre-order bonus comes in the form of exclsuive Twilight Princess DLC costumes for Link and Zelda.

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