‘Star Wars: Commander’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

6. Upgrade Your Credit Vault a Ton, Too

• Another building you focus on upgrading is your credit vault. You’ll have to stash all that money and all those crystals you’ll be amassing as time goes on. This also goes for your alloy depot.

7. Keep Your Base Clean and You’ll Be Granted Some Crystals for Your Troubles

Star Wars Commander

• This tip’s pretty simple – make sure you clean off all the junk and rock piles you have littered around your base. Make sure your droids do all this dirty work and you’ll earn some extra crystals. Complete missions and log-in with Facebook to nab some more crystals too.

• Make sure you complete any story missions with three stars. This achievement will gift you with some crystals too.

8. Defend Your More Important Buildings By Building Walls and Use Your Less Important Buildings to Defend Against Attacks

Star Wars Commander

• You should make it a top priority to offer up some walls around your important buildings, such as your alloy depot and credit vault. That also goes for your sets of headquarters. If there’s any building you’re willing to sacrifice for the greater good, then you should use them to encircle the perimeter around your better buildings.

• Make sure you place some turrets near your defensive walls and building forts so live players don’t get too close to your cherished buildings.

9. The Smartest Ways to Approach Being Successful During Player vs. Player Matches

Star Wars Commander Tips

• Once you’re ready to take on a live player, you should make sure you have a worthy amount of troops and resources before you head into battle. Once the live player battle starts, you should make it a habit to take out their gun turrets ASAP. Then make sure you tear down their defensive walls if they happen to have any. Once you’ve done all of this, focus your attention on knocking down their buildings and depleting their resources.

• If the live player you’re taking on has a shield generator, you should also make this resource a top priority to tear down. During these live player skirmishes, you should put your chosen heroes to work as much as possible. You might as well focus on beating down those much weaker live players.

10. Try to Build Up More Than One of Each of Your Resource Generators At a Time

Star Wars Commander Tips Cheats

Gamezebo.com reminded players that they can build up several resource generators at a time so that they can produce more alloy and circuits:

• You can upgrade your resource generators to produce more alloy and credits, but you can also build more than one depending on the level of your headquarters. Building more than one troop transport is particularly important when later missions begin pitting you against large numbers of enemy soldiers.