‘The Tower’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

The Tower Mobile Game

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for The Tower!

1. Before You Start the Game, Do This…

The Tower

• Play The Tower while your device is in Airplane Mode or just head into the game with the Wi-Fi turned off. This helps you focus on building your tower much easier since those advertisements won’t pop up on your screen. They do get a bit distracting as you try to line up your blocks and get your tower higher up into space.

2. Take Your Time When Dropping Your Pieces

The Tower Game

The Tower is a game that’s based on your patience and timely manner. In order to build up the highest tower possible, you’ll have to make sure your blocks are dropped in an accurate space. Any of your dropped blocks that have some piece of it hanging off your tower will just break off.

• Note that the following falling block piece will come in at the same size as your previous piece.

3. Aim for Perfect Drops

The Tower Game Tips

• Nabbing those perfect block drops can and should be accomplished as much as possible. Perfect drops leads to more coins, which leads to more currency for power up’s. You should aim for making perfect drops in the earlier parts of building your tower. You’ll have an easier time making early perfect drops since the speed is easier to manage during the beginning portion of a stage.

• Perfect drops are much harder to land once the game’s speed revs up, of course.

4. The Coins Earning Difference Between Landing Good and Perfect Drops

The Tower Tips Cheats

• Good block drops will award you with two coins.

• But you’re much better off aiming for landing perfect drops. Getting these will grant you 20 coins each time you do it.

5. Don’t Pay Too Much Attention to This Tip Straight From the Game

• One of the game’s tips tells players that your falling blocks will fit in much better when you play it a faster speed. That’s pretty much false. Your blocks fit at the same approximate sizes, no matter if the game is moving slower or faster.

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