WATCH: Maya ‘Killer Instinct Season 2′ Reveal Trailer

The 2nd season of a hit TV show is highly anticipated, of course. For gamers and more specifically fighting game fans, the 2nd season of content for Killer Instinct evokes that same feeling of hype!

Once October 15, 2014 rolls around, we’ll get introduced to two new playable fighters – T.J. Combo and the luxurious but deadly Maya. We finally have a gameplay trailer for Maya and her new stage, which are both awesome to see in action. Maya’s quick moves and the use of her dual wielding knives should give you a new character to look forward to. Her mid-air tackle maneuvers and sweep kicks look pretty damn devastating, don’t they?

Check out the unique playstyle that Killer Instinct Season 2’s version of Maya possesses!

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