‘Clash of Clans’ Cheats: Top Tips for Cannons

Clash of Clans Cannon

Check out these essential methods and make sure you apply the best placement/usage of Clash of Clans’ Cannons!

Cannon (Defensive Building)

Clash of Clans Cannon

• Cannons reach their max level at level 12. These are the beginning structures you’ll have to build as you start your Clash of Clans adventure. Cannons are cheap and don’t take too much work to upgrade. Their main usage should be focused on attacking any and all ground units.

• These defensive items have a high rate of fire and its range is pretty decent, so you should place as many of these around your fort as possible.

• You should place your cannons around your more powerful defenses, such as your Wizard Tower.

• Here are the Town Hall levels and available number of Cannons that come with each upgrade:

– Town Hall 1: 2 Cannons
– Town Hall 2: 2 Cannons
– Town Hall 3: 2 Cannons
– Town Hall 4: 2 Cannons
– Town Hall 5: 3 Cannons
– Town Hall 6: 3 Cannons
– Town Hall 7: 5 Cannons
– Town Hall 8: 5 Cannons
– Town Hall 9: 5 Cannons
– Town Hall 10: 6 Cannons

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