‘Clash of Clans’: Top Tips & Cheats for Minions

Clash of Clans Minion

Find out the best methods for this Clash of Clans troops guide that delves into the best methods needed to use your army of Minions!

Minion (Melee Ground and Air Troop)

Clash of Clans Minion

• The horned Minion demons troops are pretty fast but weak flying unit types. They hit their max level at level 6 (their look stays the same at levels 1 & 2 and levels 3 & 4). They don’t take much Dark Elixir to produce, so you should put a huge group of them on the field at one time. It’s important to note that Seeking Air Mines are unable to get a solid bead on these troop types, but Minions are susceptible to getting hit by Air Bombs.

• If you’re using these troops during a raid, make sure you destroy your rivals’ Air Defenses and Defense -type Buildings. Once you cut down these building types, a group of huge Minions can tear down several defenses pretty quickly. If you’re looking to keep your Minions alive longer, spawn them near a group of Giants for extra firepower and a better distraction factor.

• Minions can get torn apart by Wizard Towers, so build ‘em up when they’re trying to take your fort down.

Check out the statistics for Minion troops by level on the next page!

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