‘Clash of Clans’: Top Tips & Cheats for the Archer Queen

Archer Queen

Find out the best methods for this Clash of Clans troops guide that delves into the best maneuvers needed to use your uber-powerful Archer Queen!

Archer Queen (Ranged Ground and Air Troop)

Archer Queen Clash of Clans

• The Archer Queen Altar operates in the same way as your Barbarian King Altar. However, you’ll have to pony up 40,000 bits of Dark Elixir for her and have a Builder on deck ready to put it up. You can take a peek into the Archer Queen’s attack range just by tapping on the character herself.

• You should place your strong king and queen close to each other. This attacking/defending combo can put down invading troops. Your Barbarian king will smash ‘em while your Archer Queen can pick off any leftover enemies from afar. The Archer Queen changes appearances at levels 1 through 9, 10 through 19 and 20 through 40.

• The Archer Queen is a lot faster and does a ton of damage from a ranged perspective, so she’s one of the best characters to keep on deck during battle. She’s able to put down Air Troops pretty well. Only problem is her health isn’t as high as the Barbarian King, so it’s best to keep her behind a set of Walls. Preferably within the center next to the Barbarian King near your Town Hall.

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