‘Clash of Clans’: Top Tips & Cheats for the Barbarian King

Barbarian King

Find out the best methods for this Clash of Clans troops guide that delves into the best maneuvers needed to use your uber-powerful Barbarian King!

Barbarian King (Ground Troop)

Barbarian King Clash of Clans

• The Barbarian King Altar adds this amazing troop type to your army once you finally purchase one. Once you pay the 10,000 Dark Elixir fee and have a Builder on hand to make up this piece of space, you’ll gain this powerful hero.

• When it comes to defending its altar and attacking other troops, the Barbarian King’s Iron Fist ability comes in handy (you’ll be granted this skill once your king hits level 5). Place your Barbarian King Altar opposite your Archer Queen Altar. You should also make sure your altar near or within the center space next to Gold/Storage containers.

• The Barbarian King changes appearances from level 1 through 9, 10 through 19 and 20 through 40. The troops you need to use in conjunction with this hero type is the Archer for ranged attacks and the Healer to keep the big guy on his feet. If you’re on the offensive, try and swarm Barbarian King with multiple units since this hero can only attack one target at a time. Put some air units to good use against the Barbarian King too since he can’t attack those types of troops either.

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