Halloween 2014: Top 15 Scariest Video Games You Need to Play

Resident Evil Remake

BOO! Chill out and relax, man. Sorry for freaking you out so much. We’re definitely in the Halloween spirit and ready to do some trick or treating, surprise some folks with scary pranks and pick out the best costumes possible.

Gamers everywhere have a nice selection of horror games these days. The resurgence of the survival horror genre has led to the release of brand new releases, plus those classic horror adventures are still worth a playthrough. We’ve compiled this list of 15 incredible and horrifying video games that will test your mettle as you play them all in complete silence and utter darkness.

These are the scariest video games you need to add to your collection to get ready for the madness that is Halloween for 2014!

15. Blood – PC

Blood PC

This 1997 FPS should please all those hardcore Doom fans out there. As a dark gunslinger who’s arisen to take on the undead and evil cultists, you’ll run rampant around creepy locales and shoot everything that gets too close. There’s a lot of cool nods to some of the more popular horror films that came out before it and the gunplay is awesome. We’ve never had so much fun using a voodoo doll and pitchfork in a video game.

Buy it here.

14. SplatterHouse 3 – Sega Genesis

SplatterHouse 3

We’re longtime fans of the SplatterHouse series, which features a huge dude rocking a Jason-Like mask who takes on the scariest creatures ever seen. The 3rd sequel has to be the best and scariest entry of ’em all. You’ll venture throughout a huge mansion that’s full of disgusting monsters, which take a good beating from series protagonist Rick. This old school beat ’em up has a pretty extensive plot with multiple endings and some of the scariest FMV sequences ever seen in video games.

Buy it here.

13. Condemned: Criminal Origins – Xbox 360, PC

Condemned Criminal Origins

This slept-on Xbox 360 launch title is worth taking on for newcomers. You take on the role of Ethan Thomas, an SCU investigator who’s on the trail of a Serial Killer named X. As you scrounge about a bunch of different dark environments, you’ll get the shock of your life as you bump into dozens of crazies. The melee gameplay here feels pretty rough and ruthless, which makes the combat so fun to endure. Keep your eyes open for creepy ass mannequins and a huge bear, gamers…

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12. Amnesia: The Dark Descent – PC, Mac, Linux, OnLive

Amnesia The Dark Descent

This PC adventure game harkens back the olden days where games of this ilk were all over the gaming market. You’ll play from the 1st-person viewpoint of Daniel as you creep through a huge castle. This castle is very unkind to you, as you bump into some of the most horrifically designed antagonists seen in gaming. It’s going to be tough keeping Daniel’s sanity at a low level and avoiding the eyesight of those hideous monsters. But this game’s test of mettle will push you and make you much stronger by the end of it.

Buy it here.

11. Slender: The Arrival – Xbox 360, PS3, PC

Slender The Arrival

The Slender Man is more popular than ever for both good and really bad reasons. The legend and unmistakable makeup of this mysterious man has been tied to creepy photos and even this great game. You’ll have to hurry up and collect eight pages of paper before “you-know-who” pops up. You can’t take him down with weapons since you’re only equipped with a flashlight, so it’s best to haul ass when that familiar static pops up on your screen.

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