Halloween 2014: Top 15 Scariest Video Games You Need to Play

5. Silent Hill HD Collection – Xbox 360, PS3

Silent Hill HD Collection

Konami made sure to package two of the best Silent Hill games there is. This HD update of Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 offers Xbox 360/PS3 owners a chance to hop into the mysterious village enveloped by constant fog. There’s a ton of disturbing monster designs lurking in alleyways and in abandoned schools, so you have to make sure your flashlight is turned on at all times. Both games have some of the best mind-breaking moments in all survival horror video game history. Man, those knife-wielding nurses…

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4. P.T. – PS4 (PSN)


If you still haven’t downloaded this “Playable Teaser” on your PS4, then you’re completely missing out on one of the most endearing and memorable survival horror experiences of all time. Even if you checked out the livestream gameplay of this Silent Hills game teaser, it’s still worth a run-through on Halloween night. The 1st time you hear that baby crying and have that female spirit close the bathroom door on you, you’re totally gonna freak!

3. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem – Nintendo GameCube

Eternal Darkness

Someone at Nintendo needs to get a petition going for a Wii U sequel to this classic ASAP! Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem is a troubling action/adventure experience that will stay with you long after completion. You’ll travel through teh ages and try to maintain your sanity against history-specific creatures. The game’s cool tricks (turning off your TV display or telling you you’re memory card has been wiped) have to some of the best moments of this dark title.

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2. Dead Space – Xbox 360, PS3, PC

Dead Space

The 1st Dead Space is in our opinion the best entry in the series. The necromorphs that crawl around and try to slash you in half are a 10 on the terror scale. We have a great time breaking off these ugly beasts’ ligaments as they crawl out of vents and dark hallways. Going into space and looking to destroy the source of all this creepy-crawl madness places you into a memorable adventure.

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1. Resident Evil REmake – Nintendo GameCube

Resident Evil Remake

Of course we were gonna there. The 1st Resident Evil is still a classic in our eyes. The aptly nicknamed “REmake” spruced up the graphics and surprised us with new enemies. Man, those Crimson Heads scare us half to death every time they get up off the ground. The much darker visuals and new mix of massive bio-weapons present here will push you to take a break and tun on all your lights during intervals. We can’t wait to play the HD update on past-current-gen consoles, plus Resident Evil Revelations 2 looks pretty damn incredible too.

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