Halloween Costumes 2014: Top 5 Video Game Costumes for Kids

Halloween 2014 Kids Costumes

The lil’ ones you got running around your crib definitely wanna get in on this Halloween 2014 madness. Chances are high that most kids on this holiday are looking to play the part of their favorite video game characters. We found five awesome Halloween costumes that should get your kids and other young siblings the full bag of candy they deserve. It’s about time the young ones put down the game for a couple hours on Halloween and live as their preferred gaming icon for just one evening.

1. Scribblenauts Maxwell Deluxe Costume

Scribblenauts Costume

Remember Scribblenauts? Pretty awesome game right here. It allowed gamers to put together a series of words or just form one altogether to create anything and everything. The main character from that series of creative games sported a cool rooster hat and a pretty iconic blue T-shirt/green shorts costume. Check out this outfit and get your lil’ son to rock this cool outfit.

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2. Child Piranha Plant Costume

Child Piranha Costume

Have your kid play the part of Mario’s most dreaded enemy – the green pipe piranha! This one’s a pretty creative costume that’s sure to make retro gamers crack a smile at the sight of your child. You can close up the mouth of the piranha and have your son/daughter go around chomping at all those Mario’s and Luigi’s on Halloween night.

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3. Nintendo Super Mario Brothers Princess Peach Classic Girls Costume

Princess Peach Costume

We’re going to continue with the Super Mario Bros. costume theme here and let the lil’ ladies channel Miss Princess Preach. You can have your little daughter, sister or any other young female family member dress up as the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. Go ahead and let her sport a crown, too. If you can get her to pick up one of those vegetables that Peach throws around in Super Mario Bros. 2, you’re the parent of the year!

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4. Sonic The Hedgehog Female Tails Costume

Tails Costume

Sure, everyone loves Sonic the Hedgehog. But Tails, that trusty foxy sidekick, is also a pretty recognizable Sega star. This cool Tails outfit is perfect for young girls who want to look just as good alongside their Sonic costume wearing buddies. If you can find a toy wrench and a plush Sonic the Hedgehog ring, then this outfit will look even better.

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5. Pac-Man and The Ghostly Adventures Deluxe Pac-Man Costume

Pac Man Costume

For our final Halloween video game costume on this list, we’re gonna take it back to Bandai Namco’s glory days in the arcade. Have your son/daughter sport the familiar face of the new-age Pac-Man seen in his new animated series. Be the cool parent and make sure you’re playing the original theme song for good ol’ Pac while your kid is nabbing some Power Pellets.

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