‘Kill Shot’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Kill Shot Mobile Game

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Kill Shot!

1. Primary Missions Take 1st Priority, But Use Some of Your Energy to Complete Support Missions

Kill Shot Cheats

Kill Shot’s stage structure is as follows – you’ll move from region to region as you kill the major bosses in primary missions. These stages should be your main priority, but you should take some time to finish off those support missions. You’ll need that extra cash to purchase new upgrades for your gun, so do as many of them as you can. Those Thermal and Stock attachments aren’t gonna pay for themselves!

2. Headshots for Everybody!

Kill Shot Mobile Game

• You should make it a habit to score as many successful headshots as possible. Headshots are some of the easiest ways towards getting a super high score and obtaining more cash once you finish any stage.

3. Multi-Kills Pay Off Handsomely, Too!

Kill Shot Tips

• You’ll also amass a nice score by pulling off some multi-kills. Pull off some amazing kills in short succession in conjunction with your headshots and your final score tally should be off the charts.

4. Upgrade Your Sniper Rifle’s Assets With Different Priorities

Kill Shot Android

• Your Sniper Rifle can get updated through it’s damage output, accuracy, scope distance and thermal abilities. You should focus on primarily upgrading your damage output and thermal a lot more. This way, you’ll have an easier time killing your enemies and have your thermal scope last much longer.

• Of course, you should spend some ample time making sure you scope and accuracy get some TLC. Your accuracy attribute should be the last priority on your sniper rifle upgrading list.

5. Upgrade Your Other Weapons as Well

• You should focus the most on making your sniper rifle the strongest gun in your armory. But sometimes, you’ll be tasked with using other weapons during several missions. Take the time to play these additional weapon missions and make sure your assault rifle or shotgun stays in top form.