‘Retry’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Retry iOS

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Retry!

1. Constant Taps Should Aid Your Plane on Most Playthrough’s

Retry iOS

Retry is quite similiar to Angry Bird in the ways that it’s played. You’ll be put in control of managing a cute lil’ plane that can very easily crash and use up all your retries if you aren’t to careful. One of the play methods that should keep your plane airborne is the rhythmic tapping method. This way of playing will most likely let your plan move through the air in a straight line most of the time.

• The “hold your finger down” play method isn’t the most viable option for keeping your plane alive. Holding down on the screen too long will most likely send your plane into a loop that could lead to your plane’s destruction.

2. You Should Play This Game By Using Your Left Thumb

Retry iOS Tips

• When it comes to tapping furiously to keep your plane in the air, you’re much better off using your left thumb. Using your left thumb keeps most up[coming obstacles and layouts of a stage visible to you. Playing with your right thumb isn’t a good way to play since it obstructs the view of the stage you’re currently playing on.

3. Loops Do Come in Handy at Some Points

Retry iOS

• Holding down on the screen and sending your plane into loop roles is good for some instances. You’ll need to pull off a loop whenever you face a space that’s near a high and low-hanging obstacle. Looping should give you enough space to reach the height needed to fly through these obstacles.


Retry iOS

• Collecting coins during each stage allows you to unlock retrypoints. These retrypoints allow you to start at a preferable area during a retry instead of starting all the way the start of a stage. Try and collect every coin you spot on a stage so that you have a better chance of beating whichever stage you’re on.

5. Complete Those Trophy Achievements, Too

Retry Android

• You should always make it a habit to check out the in-game achievements tab once you complete a level. Chances are you may have completed an achievement, which means you’ll be granted a free coin.