Top 15 Games That Are Like ‘Clash of Clans’ (Part #3)

Clash of Clans

Here’s our 3rd gathering of awesome games that are similar in style to Clash of Clans!

15. Vikings Gone Wild

Vikings Gone Wild

Employ a bunch of vicious Vikings and push your heroes onto a battlefield full of over-sized minions. There’s Guild Wars to keep hooked onto and there’s a lot of village fortifying to do as you go along.

14. Ninja Kingdom

Ninja Kingdom

Build up your huge village with a huge army of ninjas by your side. You’ll have to embark on a journey that involves stealing back the Princess’ family treasures and engaging in the special On Fire mode.

13. Greed for Glory

Greed for Glory

This mobile strategy RPG is filled with 96 campaigns full of single-player army building and battling, plus you’ll get to upgrade throughout the ages.

12. Castle Defense

Castle Defense Elite Games

This game’s name pretty much explains everything in just two simple words. It’s cartoony visuals, fun arena mode and amazing array of tower defending should pull you in and never let go.

11. Little Commander – WWII TD

Little Commander

This strategy RPG has an easier template to wrap your head around. The cute graphical makeup of this mobile title should welcome the more younger gamers who wanna build up their own army. It’s time to enter World War II with all guns blazing.